Spa Esprit | doTERRA Essential Oils can be the Physician Kit at homes!

Last weekend, I had a fun afternoon learning about the usefulness in essential oil. Together with a group of bloggers, I was invited to  attend a workshop organized by Spa Esprit, to know how the essential oil from doTERRA can be so effective and useful to our heathy needs.

The event was held at Beauty Emporium, Dempsey.

The venue was perfect! It was cosy! I like the peace and serenity from the green trees outside the glass windows!

Photo extracted from Spa Esprit FB.

Oh yes, we were very attentive students, very serious about what we learned, we had handouts and pens to jot down all important notes!

Below left to right: Charlene, Felicia, Me, Sharon!

Photo extracted from Spa Esprit FB.

It was my first time to try and sniff so many bottles of essential oils within 2 hours!

We had experts sharing with us the wonderful goodness inside these essential  oils.

“Do you know about essential oil?”

“Yah! To keep the mind calm and relieve your mind from stress.”

Well, other than stress, doTERRA essential oils can also be used for consumption and external applications to heal the body’s health!

For example the doTERRA peppermint essential oil, it can be used to make peppermint tea!

ONE drop of peppermint essential oil = 28 cups of peppermint tea!

Not only that, pepperming essential oil can be used to relieve headaches, to calm upset stomach, to increase energy or to cool the body!

:: Relieves headaches – Apply on temples, forehead, or back of neck.
:: Calming/Upset stomach – Take in capsules, or apply on stomach.
:: Increase energy – Diffuse and inhale
:: Cooling – Mist on body, or apply on forehead diffuse and inhale.

Yes it’s true! Essential oil from doTERRA is 100% therapeutic pure oil. Can be used for aromatic purposes, can be used for external application like massage, can also be used for consumption. For consumption, there are a few ways, it can be in capsule form, 1 or 2 drops under the tongue (I had this during my brazilian waxing session, to calm myself), or a few drops in water or juices, or in a teaspoon with honey.

Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG)
PURE – 100% natural, no artificialingredients, fragraces, or fillers.
SAFE – Certified to be free of pesticides and other chemical residues.
POTENT – Standardized active compounds.

doTERRA does not prevent, treat or cure disease.
It is more of like improving your lifestlye, catering to your needs with their many functions from the essential oils. Having a better lifestyle, our healths will also be improved! It is like having essential oils as a physician kit in the house!

Let me share with you a ‘live’ review which I tweeted at the workshop.

I had a bruise on my knee few days before the workshop. There seemed to be some blood clogging around the area.

Day 2 of my bruise:

I didn’t rub on my bruise till the night before attending the workshop.

And it so happened that while chatting with the consultant from Spa Esprit, I realized there was a ready-made essential oil meant for bruises!

Remedy for my big bruise: Deep Blue!

I was given Deep Blue to rub on my bruise.

My bruise was 5-day-old when I attended the workshop.
Here is my Before -and-After pic, the middle area of the bruise did look lightened after 15minutes of rubbing using Deep Blue!

The scent of Deep Blue was not so bad, quite soothing. During rubbing, my skin felt very oily but surprisingly, after I wiped with a tissue paper, my fingers felt smooth, there was no layer of oily feel!

Ingredient List inside Deep Blue:

So after listening to the small talk on doTERRA Essential Oils, we took a break.
Right infront of our class, we had Test Kitchen.

If I don’t misunderstand wrongly, Test Kitchen is like a place where pastries are baked and anyone who are at Beauty Emporium, are allowed to try out these pastries. If you like the food, you can pay the amount which you think the food is worth. There is no fixed price for the pastries!

Seriously, the pastries tasted not bad!

As for the drinks…


We had coffee and peppermint tea, the peppermint tea was the one which I have mentioned earlier that a few drops of doTERRA Peppermint Essential Oil had been added to the tea!

Not only that, we had water added with few drops of doTERRA Lemon Essential Oil!

Break ended, and then we carried on with the pratical part! We were given a chance to mix and play around with the essential oils, and to also come up with our very own concocted shower gel!

When comes to concocting our own essential oil scent, the first thing is to “identify your needs”. Do you want to have a fruity scent to cheer up your mood? Do you want something like a deodorant? or will you want something to combact the bacteria? For me, I am looking for something to put me into good deep sleep.

I am a light sleeper and tends to toss right and left many times a night unless I have just finished clubbing. I will wakeup a few times in the middle of the night, probably worrying about being overslept for work. The appropriate name for my need is SEDATIVE. Sedative is something like calming and to relax myself. This is something I need at the end of the day when I get home.

So I had my shower gel ready to mix with my sedative essential oils.

Under sedative, there are quite a number of essentialoils which can be used in the concoction. Bergamot, Cedarwood, Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Rose, Mandarin, Chamomile, just to name a few.

I had a hard time to decide which essential oil to use in my shower gel!

It was not just on choosing, I had to decide which is the base note, the middle note and top note, just like formulating perfumes!

Gosh, we were told for a 5ooml beaker of shower gel which we had, we would need about 80 drops of essential oil! And I had to trial-and-error 10 drops by 10 drops initially to sniff what my shower gel smell like after mixing Ylang Ylang (middle/base note), Bergamot (middle/base note), Frankincense (top note).

The first trial was.. ahem.. not too good,my shower gel smell like those detergent used for cleaning toilets in shopping malls. -.-”

Photo extracted from Spa Esprit FB.

Add abit more of this, add less of that, introduce another essential oil, mix mix mix…. *sweats*
We felt like in chemistry class but a fun one with no exams!

I finally decided to add grapefruit to get rid of the toilet detergent smell!

Spa Esprit provided us two 250 ml empty bottles to have our shower gel pour into them to take home!

Yeah, my concocted shower gel which I hope can put me into deep sleep everynight!

Spa Esprit does have some other ready-made essential oils to suit the different needs and lifestyles. The “Balance” smell not bad, I quite like it. 🙂

Other my own concocted essential oil shower gel, I brought home 3 cute bottles of doTERRA essential oils!

Lavendar seems pretty useful to me, who tends to have bruises and ulcers.
As of now, Lemon is what I have been DRINKING with, for my coughs. 😦
I shall keep Peppermint whenever stomachache comes!

To conclude, the workshop had widen my knowledge about essential oils. I have come to know, essential oils are not just for calming but they have so much more purposes!

Sharing with you some of the Essential Oils which can be used for your “Emergency” situations:

And here, we have some of the Essential Oils which can be stored at home, serve as a physician kit at home, something like our first aid box:

Photos above are  scanned by myself. In any case if one of you need to use my photos, kindly give credit to me. *we all know copycats or photo-stealers are disgusting*

Do visit Spa Esprit webby and their facebook if you want to know more about their essential oils!


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