One of My Best Buy with No Regret!

I still can’t get enough of maxi dresses!

Managed to comment this self-manufactured piece from Momoteapots.

I was impressed with the cute stamping they had on the parcel!

Their very own label!

Front chest view of the maxi dress,

Back view,

Comes with an inner linen but only till knee length.

Very stretchy lyra/spandex kind material.

I really like this colour, received a few compliments while wearing it!

It was my first time to deal with MMTPS and I was very happy with my buy and their service. Replies and mailing out the parcel were prompt.

The only minor hiccup was, after payment was made, an email was sent out about the discrepancy in the measurements of the maxi dress. The email was rather too last minute for me to respond. What happened was the actual length of the maxi dress was a few inches longer than what had been stated on the website, and the owner informed us about asking us to get back to her whether we would still be comfortable with the length and to decide if we wanted to carry on with the purchase. And if no reply was made by end Sunday, mailing would proceed on the next day, Monday.

I saw the email on Sunday and iirc, the email was sent on Saturday midnight or Sunday itself, by the time I saw the email, I had very little time to re-measure if the additional length would be too long for me, and so I did not bother to reply and went ahead with my order.

Mailing was prompt and I received my parcel within 1-2 days. Tried out the maxi dress, hmmm, the length was still okay without sweeping the floor, but it was still a bit too long while getting up from seat. While getting up from my seat, there were a few times I stepped onto my pretty dress! *heart pain* I’ll prolly take it for some alterations one day.

Overall, the whole buying process was still considered smooth and prompt. 🙂

Here’s another outfit which I’ve gotten recently, it is 2-piece. Though in cotton material,it was cheap!

Racer-back cutting knee length dress with an off shoulder loose fit top.

I thought the colour combination was not bad, not so plain.

Also, noticed my new wedges? Hehe, it was a good buy, less than SGD20!

I paired it with a hand-craft necklace from mynt-shop.

That was my comfy outfit of the day!


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