[Review] Maybelline New York’s Clear Smooth B.B Cream

In May, I blogged about an invitation to Maybelline NY Girls’ Luncheon Party.
In that blog entry, I introduce the Clear Smooth B.B Cream new shade, Natural, to cater for ladies with a darker complexion.

Some recap here…

8 benefits in 1 step:
:: Hydration
:: Skin Elasticity
:: Reduced Redness
:: Natural Radiance
:: Clarity
:: Smoothness
:: Reduced Pore Size
:: Reduced Dullness

Clear Smooth B.B Cream can be so easily applied that foundation can be set within 5 minutes!

I brought my friend, Jeannie, along with me to the event. Jeannie was an executive working in a bank, who hardly put on makeup at work. She had got sensitive skin.

During the luncheon party, she got a chance to try out the product, she was quite satisfied with Maybelline NY Clear Smooth BB Cream on her face. She chose Light and the shade blended very well into her skintone. On top of that she added the Maybelline blusher (from Maybelline goodie bag) onto her makeup!

She shared with me her review on the oil/shine control from using Maybelline NY Clear Smooth BB Cream.

She did not suffer any breakouts, not even a single pimple on her sensitive skin.

Here are snapshots of her cheeks and forehead, taken at 9am and 2pm at work.

You will notice some flakes on her skin. This has nothing to do with the BB Cream, I believe it’s due to her dry skin areas. Somehow, after a few hours, when the BB Cream has blended into her skin, the visibility of the flaky areas (cheeks and forehead) were reduced!

Left photo taken at 9AM
Right photo taken at 2PM

Left photo taken at 9AM

Right photo taken at 2PM

Oil shine on her face was not too bad at the end of the day, probably because she didn’t have a very oily skin to begin with.

After applying the Maybelline NY Clear Smooth BB Cream, I noticed she looked more radiant than before. Like I’ve mentioned earlier, Jeannie wasn’t a big fan with makeup, but after she was introduced to this product, she started to put on foundation more often these days. She had also started to play around with Maybelline liquid eyeliner, Impact Express Smooth Felt Liner recently! This liquid eyeliner is also one of my holy grail products at the moment!

Anyway, I just want to share Jeannie’s review with those who have dry/sensitive skin, do not worry about breaking out from using this Maybelline NY Clear Smooth BB Cream. This product maybe a pity not to try. No harm adding this BB Cream foundation into our makeup collection, especially it has the 8 benefits and is able to set our foundation within 5 minutes!


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