Old Buys!

Some random buys which I have gotten myself quite long time ago.

Retro-looking blazer, love the poofy shoulders look!

I quite like the gold embellishments on black, very bling bling!

My favourite UFO-catcher character, Rilakkuma! I must be crazy to buy this mini blanket which is not even big enough to cover half of my body! But I really love the softness on this blanket, I use it to cover my laps!

Comes in 3 different designs but I chose this purple piece, reminds me of night time, that’s when blanket comes in! Maybe I can use it on my own baby one day!

A 2-piece necklace from Cache Cache.
This necklace is very versatile, I can wear either one or both at the sametime.
Less than SGD10 iirc, worth the money!

Got this tube dress from Fairebelle.

Love the lace details but it was too big for me. 😦 wasted because it was really pretty and came with a belt too!

Been looking high and low for a pair of stockings with criss-cross design but nowhere to be found! Saw a similar pair from Daiso but it was only until knee length, got it anyway.

Still wondering how to pair with this pair of stockings!

My problem with random shopping!


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