Viccal Treats!

Thanks to Yvonne for bringing me to this thank-you gathering organized by Viccal. It is a gathering for all the bloggers who have been invited to review their products sometime ago. Yvonne is one of the reviewer and she is just so sweet to bring me along!

Here’s a very eye-catching tagline from Viccal website:

Just what you know of skincare.

We only create skincare solutions that work with your skin.

We only use 100% actives.

I had seen the brand somewhere in FB but at that point of time, I didn’t really find out what this brand was about. It is only yesterday that I found out Viccal is an organic skincare brand which only sells serum, and bear in mind, ONLY 3 TYPES OF SERUM!!!

The most interesting part is, the 3 serums are named according to numbers.
Since there are only 3 serums, the first name Viccal gives to each of them is ‘1’, ‘2’ and’3′! As for their last names, Viccal names them according to the number of active ingredients inside the 3 serums. Yep, all 3 serums have got different number of active ingredients in it, mainly ’10, ’11’ and ’12’

Putting their names together, we have serum No 1.10, 2.11 and 3.12!

During the event, we had Vicky, the skincare guru, to share with us her experience in the skincare industry and also gave us an introduction to Viccal serums.


Vicky is a sweet lady who really listens carefully to my skin concerns before prescribing me the serums to suit my skin.


She prescribed me Serum 1.10 (for my day)and 3.12. 1.10 (for my day).

Both serums help in moisturizing the skin. But Serum 1.10 has some oil-shine control properties while Serum 1.12 is going to help with my pigmentation!

As these 2 are just serums, they can be easily added into my skincare regimen without giving headache to myself which products I have to stopped using. I am going to be hardworking and use them regularly for the next 2 weeks. I don’t really pin high hope on my freckles because I understand to see lightening in pigmentation will require long-term usage. But what I hope to see is a well-hydrated skin after the two weeks.

I have just reached my BIG 30 few days ago, and I must admit, my skin has sort of turned dry and more fine lines have started to surface up. 😦

Hope the Viccal serums are going to work on me! Keeping my fingers crossed!

Next we have Francis giving us a makeup demo using minerals makeup from glominerals.


This cute guy really got all of us giggled by his humour! He mentioned about the goodness of minerals makeup and how glominerals has become a favourite brand in Hollywood. glominerals is formulated with antioxidants while taking care of the skin at the sametime. It has got quite a wide variety of foundations and colours for the cheeks, eyes and lip! Check them out at the website!

I could see that the coverage of the foundation was not too bad, so were the colours, very pigmented on the model.

I was given the tester (gloLoose Base) to try out on my hand.

The glominerals foundation felt very soft, even much more softer than those soft sand on the beach!

After applying on my hand, I was able to see that it did provide reasonable coverage and also helped to cover up the redness and vein lines.

After awhile, I noticed very light shimmer on my hand. Francis told us the foundation contained mica. Mica is an ingredient found commonly in both skincare and cosmetics, used to reflect the light that has been shone on the skin. This light reflective property helps to give the skin a nice natural glow.

glominerals products are anti-flammatory, suitable for Acne and Rosacea Prone Skin.

We were also pampered with some light refreshments while chilling out with one another.

It has been a very informative evening for me, I have just got to know another brand of skincare and another brand of cosmetics!
Thanks to Viccal and Yvonne! ❤


3 thoughts on “Viccal Treats!

  1. Hi Tiphanie, you’re welcome. It was great that you were able to make it for the event and I’m glad to see that you have found this event enjoyable and beneficial. ^_^

    By the way, you have done a great post for this! Nice! ^_^

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