Did you pay Postage $ for the Ginvera Samples? You Can Get Your Refund!

I received a Delivery Advice from Singpost last week as no one as at home.
I had thought it was a registered article but when I read carefully again, no RA number was stated on the Delivery Advice, and infact, the “Surcharged Item” was ticked. I reckoned this parcel did not had enough postage paid and hence recipient was to top up the shortage. This is nothing new, I have heard about this kind of case since few years ago when I started online shopping.

From what I know, when comes to shortage in the stamps, Recipient can choose not to accept and choose to refuse to pay for the parcel, this parcel will then be returned to Sender, provided Sender’s address is written on it.

But as I hadn’t even seen the parcel, I had no idea who the Sender was, and I couldn’t decide whether I should make a trip down to Singpost (in this case, Woodlands) to collect it or not. Woodlands branch is not really convenient for me even though it’s near my home, all because of the operating hours clashes with my working hours.

I went to clarify with singpost (Suntec branch, near my workplace), hoping to find out who the Sender was, but no info was given to me. It turned out that surcharged items are not allowed to be transferred to another branch for collection even if I am to pay the postage shortage on the spot. Hence there was no way for me to even know who the sender was.

Last resort, because the name written on the parcel was not my name but my facebook username used for blog updates, I posted a shoutout, hoping the Sender would get back to me.

To my surprise, it was fast! Very soon, I managed to guess what the parcel was, and roughly know who the Sender was. I was not the only one who encountered this issue.

Thanks to Elfanie, owner of The Sample Store, who replied to my shoutout, and gave us a detailed information on what I should do, how I could get a refund if I were to choose to top up the postage.

So, for those who have read my blog entry on Ginvera FREE sample redemption and are now encountering this ‘top-up postage’ issue, do not fret ya!

You will definitely get your refund!

Follow the steps below, quoted from Elfaine/The Sample Store!

Dear fans,

We have gotten your message on the underpaid stamp issue and sincerely apologies for the inconvenienced caused.

While singpost is investigating, here is the solution:

Send an email to payment@thesamplestore.sg for them to facilitate with the refund of $1.20:

1. A photo of the envelope that indicates additional top up:
2. Name:
3. Bank Account type:
4. Bank account number:

The $1.20 will be refunded to your account within 3 working days upon receiving the email. Once the refund have completed an email notification will be sent.

Thank you!

Remember to Share This Message With Fellow Friends of Ginvera and The Sample Store!


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