Got myself some good deals!

Right after my Maybelline event on a saturday, I happened to see a flea stall selling denim shorts at only SGD10! The flea stall was just right outside Scape and seller had a lot of trust to her customers! Why do I say so? Well, she actually let her customers took more than a pair of shorts to any of the toilets inside Scape to try them on! Can you imagine what if customers are to run away with those shorts? She was helpful too, helped me picked alot of designs and sizes for me to try. Due to time contraint, I only managed to pick 1 pair of demin shorts which suits me!

Low-waist, I like!
The “folding” below the shorts is fake, it is actually sewn to the shorts, I don’t have to worry about it being unfold while walking. (those from Cotton On have this problem!)

Here’s the back view.
Notice the sewn crown at the back pockets? Interesting!

Also grabbed another Puff De Cheeks from JB Watsons Store.
Previously I have gotten PK301, and really loved it alot!
When I saw it retailing at RM44 (Approx SGD 18), I faster grabbed another it in PK303!

Also saw a newly opened Tony Moly and there were having 20% sale on all items! Since TheFaceShop overthere didn’t have the colours which I wanted, I decided to get from TM.

Pearl Pastel PP01 Cherry and Milky MK06 Milky Mint, usual price is RM10.90.
After discount, it was RM17.45 for 2 bottles, that was about SGD7.20 for 2 bottles!

Can’t wait to paint my nails again!


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