Yeah, i found my MNG green dress!

Just last Friday, i was feeling disappointed that the green dress which i saw at MNG fashion show went oos in less than an hour, i managed to find a piece at another outlet, yeah! I was uber happy, tried it on, and paid for it without anymore hesitation despite it’s SGD69. If i have bought it at the fashion event, i would be entitled to a 20% discount. 😦

But i really love it alot, it was mad love at first sight!

I love its colour combi, the green and blue are just so pretty. The only bad point is, the dress is of 2 different materials, the green part is made of cotton, whereas the blue one, it is, hmmm, i am not sure, but the blue part is a material which is non-stretchable, not spandex, not lycra, maybe something similar to silk or chiffon because it feels smooth with a bit of shine from light reflection.

I usually have the perception that a dress or top will look weird with a different colour on the shoulders, somehow it tends to make the shoulders look broad and huge? But my perception changes for this MNG dress, the cutting at the sleeves make me look slim in an overall look.

Oh yes, the dress comes with a complimentary weaved belt in brown, so i guess this dress is still value for the money i paid for? heh!

For the same cutting, the dress comes in nautical strips too, but i am not sure why, for the same size and cutting, the nautical piece is a tad too big for me. Anyway i am just satisfied with this piece.


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