Maybelline NY Girls’ Luncheon Party

I had fun saturday afternoon checking out Maybelline New York’s Clear Smooth B.B Cream!

Question of the day was, “Curious to find out how you can achieve flawless skin in just one step?” and we got the question answered at A Curious Teepee! The venue name sounds like the perfect place to satisfy our curiosity eh!

Agenda for this party was to share with us the ‘miracle’ of their Clear Smooth B.B Cream which comes with 8 Skin Benefits in just 1 step! Why do I say miracle? Because it helps to set our foundation and simple eye makeup in just 3 to 3.5 minutes!

Clear Smooth B.B Cream has been in the market for about 1.5 years and only comes in one single shade, Light. It is only recently that Maybelline has launched it in a darker shade, Natural. Most of us may have the mindset that for BB Cream, it is usually one shade suits all, but there are some bb cream comes in light shade which is really unsuitable for ladies with dark skintone. That is why Maybelline has decided to launch with a darker shade.

The Natural shade is kinda dark for me but it is alright to mix the two different shades together to get the perfect shade I want. Likewise, I can use Light as concealer under my eyes and the Natural on the face contour areas to give a sharp face shape.

The texture may looks creamy but it isn’t as thick as most bb cream. I can blend it easily on my skin. It is able to hide some visibility of my freckles and fine lines, doesn’t make my skin look too cakey. What’s more, there is also the 8 skin benefits inside this bb cream!

About the packaging, it comes in a 18ml tube. There is a difference in packaging for the two different shades.

:: Comes with SPF 26 PA+++
:: Includes mineral ingredients like Copper, Zinc, Magnesium, Sodium, Titanium & 3 Iron Oxides. All are healthy minerals!

There is also this Clear Smooth Shine Free Face Powder which helps to set the foundation look after Clear Smooth B.B Cream application. The face powder is specially catered for Asian women.

The face powder leaves a silky smooth feel on my skin after application.  I look back at my face after 15 minutes, my foundation has more or less blended very well and naturally into my skintone.

:: Fragrance-free, oil-free, and yep, it does help in some oil control on my t-zone.
:: Non-comodegenic.
:: Non-clogging on the pores.
:: Comes with SPF 18.
:: 4 available shades.

The compact case is really flat and compact, fits easily to a small makeup pouch. The baby green/mint is so clean-looking!

With Clear Smooth B.B Cream and Clear Smooth Shine Free Face Powder, a flawless skin can now be achieved! What’s more less than 3 minutes and your foundation will be set! This is a miracle for me as usually spend about 15 minutes to get my foundation done! From the activity we had at the event, on average, 15 minutes is the common duration most of us use to set our foundation.

Now I can have an extra sleep of 10minutes on my working days. As you know, waking up early in the morning for work is really a pain, sometimes, even it is only 5 minutes, they are still very precious snoozing duration!

Thanks to team from Maybelline, they had prepared a series of activities and fun for us. Through the activities, I saw how my friend who really managed to set her makeup within 3 minutes!

The team from Maybelline has also specially custom-made this giant B.B signs for us to camwhore with!

And the giant Baby Lips lip balms! WoW!

A little info on these Baby Lips lip balms, they come in 4 yummy flavours,
Energizing Orange, Relieving, Menthol, Smoothing Cherry, Anti-oxidant Berry.

:: Comes with SPF20 to protect your lips against the harmful UV Rays.
:: Contains ingredients like Shea Butter and Centella.
:: Helps to moisturize the lips up to 8 hours.
:: Powerful anti-oxidants.

I am truely falling in love with the baby colours on the lip balms, so sweet!

Like i said, it was an afternoon with fun activities, trying out the beauty products with some nice food to munch on.

I was given a huge box of beauty goodies to try, inside the box, there is one of my holy grail liquid eyeliner, Maybelline Express and the highly recommended (by my colleague) makeup remover!

Join the B.B generation at MaybellineSG facebook page!

Right now, Maybelline is having a contest at their “Join the B.B Generation” application at their facebook page. Be Maybelline’s Face of the week and stand a chance to win 1 year supply of Maybelline NY products! More info at their facebook page.

Pamper your skin with the 8 skin benefits in just 1 step!
Also check out their Baby Lip Balms ya!
Have fun!


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