Won a LoveBonito Dress from Tag & Win Contest at Ferosha&Eclat and Zepherra!

Okay, this is another Facebook Tag & Win contest which I’ve won quite sometime ago. I must say Lady Luck must have been with me, I’ve been winning these bits and pieces stuff recently, kekeke!

This time, Joycelyn tagged me to her friend’s (hope i am not mistaken) blogshop at their facebook page. It is a little confusing to me though, I was tagged at Ferosha&Eclat wall photo, but when my dress arrived, another blogshop name, Zepherra, was printed on the envelope.

Anyway, the dress which I’ve won is the LoveBonito Seraphic Lush Dress. This is my first LB dress ever since LB moved to their new dot com. Like what I have mentioned earlier, ever since the ATM payment option has been removed in LB, I have never visited their dot com. And so this dress really came in as a big surprise for me! It really made my day seeing a dress with a tag “LoveBonito” sewn on it.

I am very grateful to Joycelyn, she is always so enthu in sharing such deals with me! ^^

Here’s my review,

The dress fits me nice and so perfect! The waistline is just nice with a little tiny space for meals. The only flaw is the sheerness and the low-cut infront.
What I have done is, wear an inner slip and that’s it! Kill 2 birds with 1 stone!
My inner slip covers the sheerness and at the sametime, prevents my boobs from being exposed at the low-cut area! Yeah!

I like the pleats at the skirt part, it’s my first dress with such pleats. No ironing is required to maintain the pleats, and the pleats tend to give me the light flowy ‘feel’ when I walk!

The dress looks classy and feels ‘soft’ to touch, it’s good enough for a date or dinner.


2 thoughts on “Won a LoveBonito Dress from Tag & Win Contest at Ferosha&Eclat and Zepherra!

  1. Hi, you look fabulous in the dress. May I know if the waist of your dress really just measures 12inch? I am thinking of getting it but am afraid that the waist is too small. It’ll be nice if you could share the info. Thanks!!

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