Girly Fun Evening At MNG Fashion Show

i had fun at MANGO Shaw Centre yesterday’s evening!

it’s about the spring/summer apparel collection for this year.
though it’s a short duration fashion show, it attracted huge crowd! i almost got myself suffocated inside!

MNG prepared these colour cupcakes for all the guests, pretty but very sinful! it’s a whole scoop of whipped cream on every cupcakes!


there were also drinks, tarts and macaroons!


there was instant photoshoot session as well, we were given lotsa props to dress up for the photoshoot. unable to upload my photos as they were all with my friend, gonna get from her another day~

i went home with this bottle of sweets in cute and colourful shapes!


there was a 20% storewide discount as well. i wanted to get a dress but it was out of stock! i couldn’t believe it man! i just saw it at the fashion show and it was gone within an hour?! sigh!

anyway i got myself a top and a cardigan!

this top, love the blue/white nautical stripes and the big ribbon printed on it!

for the cardigan, i like the fitting, it just fits nicely on me, and the sleeves are not full length, i don’t have to worry about dirtying it when writing or typing.

see the lovely ribbon in polka dots? this is also one of the reasons why i bought it! 😀

i had another haul at john little (JL) member sale yesterday at work! colleague had the member card and we were entitled to 20% discount, on top of that, got the privilege to utilize her JL voucher, and not to forget her 5% cash rebate! i saved more than $10!

here’s what i bought:

flasies from Lash Heaven and liquid eyeliner (highly raved by colleague) from Canmake!

yesterday was a good buy with discounts!


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