Angelic Split Sleeves Dress

Joined the backorder for KY’s angelic split sleeves dress. I think this is my first BO and it’s really a long wait, I almost thought KY didn’t have the practice of updating us the arrival of BO, I wanted to email her but realized the BO arrival date was still a week away, so I continued to wait.

Then to my surprise, KY sent out a mass email telling us our parcels would be mailed out the next day! Thumb up to her CS.

Received my dress one day later after receiving her email. I was feeling excited, washed it immediately and wore it out for an event.

I have picked the colour, salmon pink, alittle dull to my expectation but I still quite like it.

I must say this dress really looks gorgeous. While I was wearing it, I noticed some eyes (from the girls lah!) were looking at my direction, haha, I buay hiao bai, I know! The v-neck cut infront isn’t very low, but it’s a tad loose on me, tends to expose abit of my bra sometimes. *Ooops* Not only that, a little cleavage will be revealed, I quite like the exposure of abit of cleavage!

In the above photo, not sure why, due to the camera angle, only one of my two legs were shown!! :O

Although the sleeves were splitted, this dress is still too hot to wear on a sunny day. The material isn’t very airy.

But this is definitely worth to keep!


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