Eye makeup has always been loved by many ladies because it can really do wonder to your eyes. As the saying goes,” eyes are the windows to the soul”, we should make good use of eye makeup to beautify our eyes.

But I tend to end up with eye makeup smudges caused by mascara and eyeliner. I usually use a cotton bud to wipe off the smudges, the bad thing is, sometimes the foundation on the skin near my eyes are wiped off too! Boo!

 photo extracted from trendfashiontoday

Incase you are unaware, the skin around our eyes area are about 5 times thinner than the rest of the facial skin. It is so delicate that frequent tugging and pulling on it will cause fine lines, wrinkles and sagging around the eyes area even before your skin starts aging! In short, premature signs will appear on your face! Using cotton bud does pull alittle of the skin when I use it rub off the smudges on my upper/lower eyelids.

Luckily there is this Undereye Magic Cleaner from Hope Girl.

Benefits of Undereye Magic Cleaner:

:: Remove smudges from cosmetics, i.e. quick-fix in makeup.

:: Moisturize the delicate skin near eyes area, thanks to the ingredients used in the formula, grape seeds oil, almond seed oil, mineral oil, shea butter.

:: Convenient to use, small enough to slip into my handbag!

:: Substitution for cotton pads and help to prevent premature aging-looking skin.

How To Use

Pardon some of the blurry photos, I had a little difficulty in holding the camera at macro setting on 1 hand while trying to demo the Undereye Magic Cleaner using another hand.

Here’s how I fix my mascara smudges (on lower eyelids) using Hope Girl Undereye Magic Cleaner.

Do not glide left and right direction at the sametime, this will only cause the smudge to spread onto other areas.

Always remember to glide in one direction, inwards or outwards from the eye corners.

Before & After


See the wonderful results? SMUDGE NO MORE!!

Using the same product and method, eyeliner smudges can be removed as well!

Chic Packaging

Upon receiving this product, I tweeted with a snapshot of it and it did caught a few girls’ attentions! I also showed to my colleague who is a makeup fanatic, she also fell in love with this product by its packaging!

Other than cleaning off the “fresh” smudges during makeup, I actually use it to clean up the outer corners of my eyes in the middle of day, this happens when my eyeliner or mascara smudges the corners of my eyes after a few hours when the delicate skin turns oily.

FYI, it is made in Korea, where one of the shopping paradise for cosmetics is!


Before I end, just to share, I will be submiting this blog post for Hope Girl Blog Competition.

To win this contest, 30% of the points come from public voting. This means I will need you to click on the “LIKE” button below my blog post at the facebook page of Anoiv International.

Blog post will be posted on www.facebook.com/Anoiv.International from 29th April 2011 to 20 May 2011 for public voting.

Lucky Draw for Public Voters

Voters will stand a chance to win up to $50 worth of beauty products from Hope Girl! Good luck voters!

Bear in mind, voting period is, from 29 April to 20 May 2011.
Anoiv International will select 3 lucky winners to win Hope Girl Merchandise.

Hope Girl Undereye Magic Cleaner is available at:

:: Http://www.anoiv.com/
:: BHG Bugis
:: BHG Clementi
:: SYY Clinic (#07-01 Liat Tower)

Retailing at SGD18.90.


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