Not gel nails but my own REAL nails!

Manicure has always been extremely popular among the ladies.
Nail arts are getting more and more prettier and innovative everyday, all thanks to the professional manicurists in the world!

No doubt manicure is very affordable these days, nail art is still expensive (to me at least) especially if I am to have them all done on my ten fingernails!

But during one of the CozyCot Holy Grail parties (which is held like once a year?), I managed to buy a one-time session package at an unbelievable price! If I have remembered correctly, it’s SGD28 for 1 classic mani with any nail arts AND 1 classic pedi! Very good deal right? I couldn’t believe it myself during that time and asked plenty of questions to ensure there was no hidden costs.

So where did I buy this 1-time session package from?
It’s Qian Zu Ge!

Pardon me for the “old” watermark in the photo(s), some of the photos are extracted from my old blog.

Qian Zu Ge is like one-stop spa salon for both sexes.
It provides services not just mani/pedi, foot reflexology, body massage, facial treatments are available as well!
I have previously went for their Ayurvedic Massage Treatment, you may want to read more about in this blog post!

I really enjoyed my mani/pedi session at Qian Zu Ge.
The ambience was so cozy and I could have fallen asleep if not for my girlfriend’s company.

The decor in Qian Zu Ge is very Chinese-oriental kind, and every staff has very good customer service. No hard-selling from my past experiences.

I had chosen this strawberry floral nail arts on my 10 fingernails.

Aren’t they gorgeous? I was told full set of these nails at usual price would be like SGD70plus! But I’d paid only SGD28 for this classic mani with nail arts and inclusive of 1 classic pedi session! What a steal!!

Till now, they are still my Number 1 nail arts which I have ever done at any other nail salons.


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