Cracking Nails?

Went for a manicure session and tried out this highly raved, Black Shatter. My manicurist had actually recommended me this new product few months ago, but at that point of time, I didn’t find it very fantastic and so I didn’t give it a try. But after seeing all the recent raves in facebook and twitter, my curiousity was aroused.

And so I went to top up $5 bucks on top of my mani package to try it.

Honestly speaking, after trying out, i still didn’t find Black Shatter that fantastic. It is only the process of application and observing the cracking that are interesting, but definitely not worth the many hoo’s and ha’s.

I had thought Black Shatter could only apply to the 4 colors (in the photo below), but nope, all colors can be used, it can even be used on bare nails!

For the base color, I chose That One That Got Away, after that Black Shatter was being applied in one thin layer.

Each time the Black Shatter was applied, my manicurist blew on it inorder to “crack faster”, not sure how true this was. I asked her about the thickness of the layer, she told me thickness would only affect the size of the crack.

The cracking patterns vary, there is no way to get the same one each time. so i guess this has sorts of making us lemming to try it even more.


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