Skintone Solution from PREVAGE® White Targeted Skin Tone Corrector

From Elizabeth Arden, presenting to you…

PREVAGE® White Targeted Skin Tone Corrector

Dark spots, freckles and pigmentation from the sun, discolorations on the skin are few of the many common flaws on our skin.

When comes to achieving an even skin tone with natural radiance, it’s always about trial-and-error for me. Even when I have found a good product, I will still want to continue searching for a better product.

Thanks to Elizabeth Arden, I am given the opportunity to try out their latest PREVAGE® White Targeted Skin Tone Corrector from the PREVAGE® products family. I hope this is going to be my so-called “better product” as compared to another spot lightening product which I’ve tried but useless.

PREVAGE® White Targeted Skin Tone Corrector combines the proven whitening effects of Soy Ferulate-C, containing Vitamin C to help control melanin at its source, with the skin brightening benefits of revolutionary Idebenone to help skin regain its uncompromised clarity and youthful looking glow.

PREVAGE® White delivers proven benefits. Women reported that skin looked instantly radiant. After just 2 weeks, the appearance of dark spots began to improve. After 8 weeks, dark spots and discolorations looked lighter and less noticeable.

Some other results from consumers:

Smoother skin
Brighter skin
Healthier-looking skin
Skin imperfections appear less intense

“Once again PREVAGE® delivers proof…not promises.”

A short summary on the key ingredients and technology which make the PREVAGE® White Targeted Skin Tone Corrector effective:

Melanin is the natural pigment that gives skin its color and natural protection. It is also the source of pigmentation. But too much of melanin, when exposed to the sun ray, it can be activated in specific areas, leading to these skin discolorations.

Soy Ferulate-C
This powerful complex combines soy ferulate, is able to prevent the skin from being damaged from the harsh environment which causes pigmentation and discolorations on the skin.

Vitamin C
Famous for whitening or brightening the skin, prevents skin discolorations.

Like all PREVAGE® Skincare products, the new PREVAGE® White formula includes Idebenone, which helps to slow down aging signs on the skin.

For best results, use PREVAGE® White with PREVAGE® Face Advanced Anti-aging Serum. Results on the skin will be even more stronger.

There is a light scent during application. But after awhile, the nice scent changed to a rubbery-kind of smell, not very pleasant to me.

I tried out a small pump of the White Targeted Skin Tone Corrector on the back of one hand, smooth over it and compare with my other hand, I did notice a lighter skin tone difference. But it is a slight difference and my camera is unable to capture it.

You can try it at the Elizabeth Arden counters.

NEW PREVAGE® White Targeted Skin Tone Corrector 1 fl. oz. is retailing at SGD 224.00.

Do dropby Orchard Paragon Elizabeth Arden Booth to check out PREVAGE® White Targeted Skin Tone Corrector ya!

Try out the texture, see for yourself the before and after application differences.

Anyway, it was really an relaxing evening with the EA team and bloggers, indulging in canapes and drinks.

Meet up was held at COVA Pasticceria – Confetteria.

Pampered with…


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