Gracious Scent: Green Tea Camellia from Elizabeth Arden

We all know Camellia is one of the popular floral scent used in tea and mask sheets. It has this soothing scent which kind of calms my anxious mood.

Elizabeth Arden has previously launched fragrances of Green Tea. And now Elizabeth Arden has infused the scent of Camellia into their Green Tea fragrances.

This new fragrance is…..

Green Tea Camellia

Quoted from Elizabeth Arden:

“Inspired by Ikebana, the ancient art of Japanese flower arrangement, this luxurious fragrance reveals the delicate grace of a single perfect blossom as it unfolds petal by petal.”

“Very frequently the centerpiece for this flower arrangement is a
very specific kind of fragrant camellia know as sasanqua. Its delicate fragrance combines peony, rose and mandarin tree blossom notes with a delicate tea nuance.”

I must say after knowing about how Green Tea Camellia was inspired from, and also trying out the refreshing calming scent, I really felt the gentleness and gracefulness from this new fragrance. It simply reminds of how gracefully a tradition Japanese lady will pour out the pot of tea into the tiny tea cup, mesmerizing the guest by her gentleness and the tea scent.

For those who are interested, here’s the fragrance notes of Green Tea Camellia.

Top Notes:
Sheer Bergamot
Sparkling Lemon
Green Tea Vapors
Ume Plum

Middle Notes:
Green Tea Leaves
Camellia Sasanqua (created using an inspired technology by Elizabeth Arden. The molecules of the Camellia scent were captured as the petals of this graceful flower were just about to reach their full bloom.)
White Peony
Chinese Magnolia
Jasmine Petals
Mandarin Tree Blossom

Angelica Musk
White Birch
Touches of Sweet Spices

Before I keep forgetting about the definitions of the terms used in fragrances, I did a google and quoted a paragraph into this entry, easier for me to refer as and when I need.

Quoted from:

“*Distillation: Fragrances are made from distillations of plants, seeds, or blossoms. The item is heated and the vapors condense and are collected.

*Dry Down: The dry down is when the base notes of a fragrance are finally revealed. The top and heart notes lift, leaving you with the base notes of the fragrance.

*Top note: The top note is the first note of the fragrance that you smell. Many times this is a floral or a citrus scent. This is the first note to lift and fade.

*Middle Note: The middle note is also known as the heart note. It usually takes a few minutes before it’s fully clear. This is the part of the fragrance that gives it the personality of the fragrance (Floral? Oriental? Woody?)

*Base Note: The base note is the final anchoring notes of the fragrance. This is the part that last the longest.”

About the Packaging

The Bottle – The recognizable Green Tea bottle is updated with a teal blue color that contrasts beautifully with the iconic green tea leaf.

The Carton (which is the packaging box) – The signature green tea leaf stands out against a deep teal blue accented with a pair of pure white, richly embossed camellia blossoms outlined in silver.

Eau de Toilette Spray, 1.7 fl. oz./50 ml S$ 59.00
Eau de Toilette Spray, 3.3 fl. oz./100 ml S$ 83.00
Honey Drops Cream, 8.4 oz./238 g/250 ml S$ 34.00

Available at Elizabeth Arden counters April 2011


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