2011 Spring Summer Collection by NAF NAF.

Are you bored with the mono colours clothes inside your wardrobe?
Well, I do!
Recently I am looking around for some bright coloured, and hopefully play around with layering my clothes.
It is pretty boring to keep wearing a plain colour dress all the time.

photo credits to: unitedfashionstates.com

I registered myself for a fashion show by NAF NAF last week to check out what’s IN for this spring/summer season.
Anyway in SG, spring/summer are like happening all year round,
clothes from these two seasons never get out of trend, so it is worth an ‘investment’!

NAF NAF has launched its Spring/Summer outfits for this year,
which comprises of floral prints, cardigans, weekend dresses and office outfits.

Here’s some snapshots which i’ve taken,
pardon me if they are not sharp/clear enough.

notice the accessories and kind of shoes the model has paired with ya,
because those accessories sure enhance the overall look of the outfit.

This babydoll dress definitely suits the spring/summer seasons!

This maxi dress has paired with heels…..?

i have always thought it’s the best to pair with flats/sandal. O.O

Looks casual enough for a weekend getaway!

A gorgeous red dress!!


Love layering with vests/cardigans?

NAF NAF gives you some ideas!



Work Outfit:

Last piece to share,
Princessy look!
White signifies pure.
The fluffiness and softness from the white dress in the below photo, give an overall feel of an angel!
Even a small girl who sees it will go wow wow wow!

NAF NAF originates from France.
Caters every lady for all kind of everyday outfits, with its high quality apparels.

Check out NAF NAF at our local departmental store, Takashimaya Level 3,\.
After browsing around the store, whether you have spent or not, just try out their clothes,
you will probably find yourself going home with ideas on how to mix and match the unworn clothes inside your wardrobe.


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