[Review] AFC Cleansing Oil – Remove Your Makeup Efficiently!

Remember how excited I was to receive AFC Japan’s Essential Cleansing Oil?

Made and imported from Japan, it is only exclusively available through online orders!

So after 2 weeks, I’m happy to share with you my experience of using it.


The AFC Essential Cleansing Oil comes in a transparent green bottle with pump.

How much left of the cleansing oil left in the bottle can be easily seen.

Safe and hygienic to use. I store mine in the bathroom.

Despite the moisture and temperature in the bathroom,

the qualityof the product doesn’t disappoint!


The texture is much lighter and thinner, as compared to other cleansing oils out there.
This makes it much easier to ‘spread’ on your face.

To use cleansing oil to cleanse and remove makeup effectively,
you need to pump it out on dry hands and apply on a dry face.

Then, lightly massage your face in circular motions, before applying some water to emulsify and wash off. 


 During emulsification, milky liquid will be formed and this is definitely normal.

This is usually how cleansing oil turns out to be when in contact with makeup and water.

After emulsifying my face,

I just rinse off with warm or normal temperature water from my tap.

Surprisingly to me, my face doesn’t feel oily after rinsing,

For those who doesn’t like the feeling of having a film layer on the face after makeup removal, AFC Essential Cleansing Oil is a good choice for you to try.

During and After Application

In my left photo, ignore the bumpy looking surface, they are not bumps actually.

They are just droplets formed during emulsification.

Photo on the right shows my skin after using AFC Essential Cleansing Oil.

Skin looks slightly more fairer and definitely more smoother than before using.

I have quite abit of thick make up on my face,

to cover my freckles and redness as much as possible.

But after makeup removal with AFC Cleansing Oil,
you can see my usual freckles and redness and this means that my makeup is properly removed,
face is ready for normal cleansing (facial cleanser).

Due to the natural ingredients used, it is very gentle to the skin,
and it doesn’t make my skin itch or redder than usual.

For your benefit, here’s the ingredient list in AFC Esential Cleansing Oil.

Notice the all-natural plant extracts used.

Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skins!

More info

I have previously written short write up on AFC Cleansing Oil in this blog entry of mine.

You can also find more Updates & Promotions by joining their Facebook Fanpage here.
Or be a friend of LifeStream Facebook page.

For purchasing details, visit their webpage over here.

About AFC Japan

Other than cleansing oil, AFC Japan has launched quite a big range of products and supplements to satisfy our health, beauty and wellness needs.

It was established in Japan since 1969, and this year it’s the 5th year they are in Singapore.

Since year 2007, AFC Japan has won quite number of awards in Singapore.

Awards include Bestselling in eye care supplement, Q10 supplement, Collagen, Slimming drink and recently even haircare (SHOKAIGAN Shampoo) in 2010.

Products Availability

All NTUC Unity Pharmacies + The Living Pharmacy

All Nishino Pharmacies

John Little (Marina Square & Jurong Point)

Robinsons Centrepoint

Selected Watsons, Guardians.


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