[Review] Vichy UV Pro Secure Sunblock

We all know in this century, sunblock is a must even if we want a tanned skin tone.
Other than using sunblock to keep the skin fair and free from pigmentations,
sunblock is also supposed to protect our skin from further damage and air pollution which may lead
to early aging on the skin.

Quoted from Vichy:

"67% of women are aware that UV is a major risk for skin health based on a consumer study done on 200 Asian women. Everyday, UV rays compromise cell vita-functions. Skin aging is accelerated.

Daily pollution increases UV damages and accentuates these alterations. Brown spots and fine lines appear. Skin looks unhealthy."

I have with me right now, is Vichy UV Pro Secure,

Anti-UV sunblock is nothing new, we all know sunblock is meant to protect our skin from UVA & UVB rays.
But what about sunblock which protects out skin from air pollution?

VichyUV Pro Secure is a sunblock which protects our skin from air pollution,
such dust particles while walking on the roads, dust particles from cigarettes,
dust particles when working in warehouse and factories.

The formulation in Vichy UV Pro Secure shields against UV rays and pollution to prevent visible skin alteration. Inside the formulation, there is this patented Mexoryl SX and Mexoryl XL, which has a strong photostability and works effectively to filter UV rays.

Quoted from http://www.intl-lighttech.com:

"Photostability is a kind of light measurement and is required in the pharmaceutical industry
to characterize the effects of light on the degradation and efficacy of the products."

VIchy UV Pro Secure also helps detoxify skin to optimize its quality and
contains anti-oxidants that preserve cell vita-functions.

Comes with SPF40 PA+++
Non-pore clogging
With Vichy Thermal Spa Water

Expected results are delay in the aging process by minimizing the appearance of brown spots and fine lines.

Let’s now talk about the packaging,

Vichy UV Pro Secure comes in a tube of 30ml, pretty slim and can be conveniently place in my handbag for use at anytime, anywhere.

Sunblock is squeezed out the tip of the tube, don’t have to worry about squeezing too much,
amount can be easily gauged.

Don’t have to worry about leakage!
If you look carefully into the cap of the sunblock,
there is a ‘needle’ which inserts itself into the tip of the tube when tightened.

What i like about Vichy UV Pro Secure is the texture.
It’s non-sticky!

When i first applied into my skin, i massaged about the same seconds as what i usually did with my other sunblock, but my skin felt a little sticky.
But as i massaged and tapped my skin longer, the stickiness was gone.

So i guess the absorption time of Vichy UV Pro Secure isn’t as fast as my old sunblock.

Despite it provides SPF40 PA+++, it is very lightweight on my skin.
No whitecast, no patchy look, no oil shine.
Leaves a matte finish on my skin.

Here’s the ingredient lists for those who are concerned.

Yep, Zinc is included, some people do say that Zinc tends to clog pores,
but definitely not from Vichy UV ProSecure.

UV ray which tends to stimulate sebum production, make the skin even more oilier.

In this case, Zinc helps to reflect the and at the same time helps to control skin production.

Vichy UV Pro Secure is retailing at SGD40.



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