[Review] Dior Nail Polish – Icy Pink

Another nail colour added to my "jiak-pa-lang" nail polish collection!
Was at an event with Dior, and this nail colour caught my attention!

If you’re someone who is into sweet dolly-look,
you will never want to give this nail colour a miss!
It’s called Icy Pink, colour code #188.

In terms of bottle packaging, it’s pretty the same as Chanel’s.
There is another nail polish cap inside the silver cap.

I have just tried out applying myself.
The application is extremely smooth.

It’s my first time to realize the application brush is in the shape of "v".

During application, upon pressing the brush onto my nails,
the "v’ shape actually widens and fill up my nails with the enamel with almost zero smudges on my skin!

All in all, i have a based coat, 2 layers of Icy Pink and finally a top coat.
And here’s the colour i have on my nails now!

A little tip from Dior:

To keep the nail polish fresh for as long as possible, keep the neck of the bottle clean!

Arh, no wonder i always see my manicurist cleaning the bottle every time after she uses the colour on me!

Retailing at SGD34 at Dior Counters.


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