Vichy Essentielles Skincare

you’ve prolly saw Vichy Essentielles skincare range at watsons stores and pharmacies.

Vichy Essentielles, compared with Vichy Normaderm, their prices are about 30% lower.
Despite the affordable prices, the products quality are still there up to expectation.

Vichy’s Essentielles is recently launched, specially focuses on daily skincare and bodycare.

From the simple packaging, most of you will have guessed the ingredients/fragrances will have something to do with rose.

yep, the key ingredient is indeed something about rose.

Key Active Ingredient:

A Reown Ingredient Stemming from Pharmacopea: Rosa Gallica (French Rose) has been used by pharmacists for its soothing, protecting and hydrating properties.
It allows the skin to reveal its glow.
The active ingredient is obtained from its petals by extraction.

Containing Polyphenols: Researches have found out that rose contains Polyphenols and in nature, these proteins protect against external aggressions and ensure their freshness in the long term.

Cautiously Extracted: After gathering, the rose petals are put to dry by a process which ensures that the active ingredients are preserved without affecting its natural properties.

Other Active Ingredients:

With Vichy Thermal Spa Water
Shea Butter

Essentielles do not target on skincare problems like pigmentations, acnes, etc.
Essentielles is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin.

Infact, Essentielles gives us what is essential and basic to our needs,
this is where we talk about cleanse and moisturize.
We don’t even talk about toning, because not everyone needs it.


Essentielles Foaming Cleanser, 100ml, SGD11.90

Contains 21% of Glycerin, a reference moisturizing active ingredient.
It cleanses very thoroughly and removes makeup without drying the skin.

Foaming cream texture, gentle, and hypoallergenic.


Essentielles Facial Emulsion, 50ml, SGD16.90

Contains Shea Butter which has nourishing and emollient properties.
Helps in skin repair, softening, moisturizing and has calming properties.
It has a light and calming scent, smells of rose.

Fast-absorption, non-sticky, hypoallergenic, Paraben-free.
it’s pretty light on the skin.


Essenitelles Softening Shower, 200ml, SGD12.90

A shower gel which cleanses, softens and protects the skin with a flowery, light and fresh fragrance.

Hypoallergenic. Paraben-free. Gentle to the skin.


Essentielles Body Cream-Milk, 200ml, SGD14.90

This is a moisturizer for the body.

Contains Shea Butter, soothes the skin, protects and hydrates the skin during exposure to dry environment.

Hypoallergenic. Paraben-free.

It is in cream-milk texture, but not too oily after application.

Essentielles skincare only consists of the above 4 product items.
All contain soothing flowery scent, rose.
Comes in pink rose packaging, suitable for all skin types,
and most importantly, they are affordable.

With Vichy Thermal Spa Water
Soothing Allantoin
Shea Butter

Vichy Essentielles Skincare range is available at exclusively at Vichy counters in
selected Watsons, Guardian, Unity and Nishino pharmacies, and in all major hospital pharmacies.

Here’s the exciting contest to win a set of Vichy Essentielles Skincare!

To qualify for this giveaway:

1. You will have to be a fan of Vichy Facebook

2. Tag yourselves to Vichy Essentielles products’ picture & comment why you would like to win a set + include referred by Me (Tiphanie)

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