[Review] Brows A-Go-Go

Just sometime ago, i was complaining about the service provided by Benefit at ION Sephora and Tangs Orchard.

For those who are in my Facebook Friends, will probably know and feel about my anger.

Anyway, i finally received a reply from them after 24 hours, luckily it’s not after 48 hours, else i would have flared up even more. -.-"

they told me their reasons thought i felt, they shouldn’t let their problems become my inconveniences…

so what if they were facing shortage of manpower, it’s not my problem right?

Anyway, the lady who called me was patient with me, and tried to convince me to carry on with my package.
I didn’t manage to get a refund.

my main issue was about difficulty in making appointment, she assured me that i would have no more problem in making appointment with them,
and if i encounter such problem again, i can call her and she would fix my appointment personally, at my own convenience time.

i thought her solution was not bad, so i decided to carry on with the package.

she managed to get me an appointment despite it was a short notice, i appreciate that.

and so i had my first eyebrow wax at the Benefit counter at Robinsons Raffles City, done by Amy.

I was pretty satisfied with Amy’s service, the whole process was a nice experience.
not much pain and her skills were swift.

Amy also gave me a mini makeover on my face, to let me try out some of their best-selling items.
no hard-selling, which was good!

you might say she did all these was probably because of my complains earlier, yah, i agree,
but still, she made me happy in the end, and that’s the whole idea we all wanted. 😀

i must say their eyebrow kit was terrific!

Amy taught me step-by-step on how their eyebrow kit could help me to create a natural-looking eyebrow look.

i was sold and bought one home!

it comes with an eyeliner pencil too!

the colour on the right on the bottom row, helped to give an instant brightening eyelook.
i was pretty amazed by that!
i used that whenever i skipped eyeshadow.

check out the eyebrows drawn by myself in the snapshot below,
it was easy and fast!

though expensive, it’s worth it!


3 thoughts on “[Review] Brows A-Go-Go

  1. thanks! yep, you gota call them up and make an appointment with them. if i am not wrong, Sephora Benefit doesn’t have eyebrow waxing service le, try Tangs Orchard, Robinsons Raffles City. good luck!

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