Fantastic Products Redemptions At TSS!

TheSampleStore did it again!

Sasa Super Dolly was available at its retail size for redemption!
So cool!
I always wanted to try out this mascara but having 2nd thoughts about
getting cosmetics from Sasa own brand.

Thanks to TheSampleStore for giving this lucky chance to redeem and try,
at its retail size somemore!

All products are FREE, i only have to pay for the postage which is capped at only SGD2.99 the max!

And as low as SGD1.99.
Each time, you can redeem up to 4 products, regardless of size and weight!

Join me at TheSampleStore and start FREE redemptions today!

Have you started your FREE redemption?
Or have you not joined the membership at $0 ?
Click here to sign up now!

Free registration & FREE samples!

Samples arrive at your doorstep,
you don’t have to leave the house whether it’s a rainy day or a sunny day!


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