[Review] Lily Lolo Mineral Blush – Candy Girl Pink



Extracted from website:

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Other than just Blush, Lily Lolo has got a wide range of mineral cosmetics,
which are natural and healthy for the skin.

Here’s some FAQs from their website:

  • Are your products made from all natural ingredients?

    When developing new products we work with cosmetic scientists to ensure that the ingredients used are all naturally derived, and we ensure that we steer well clear of any harsh chemicals and certainly controversial ingredients.

    The natural ingredients are generally refined or processed in order to be safe for human use, and to ensure they work as efficiently as possible in cosmetic use.

  • Are your products allergy-free?

    Whilst our products are as simple as possible in formulation and made from the gentlest ingredients we can find no one product (or ingredient) is guaranteed to be allergy-free for everyone.

  • Do your products contain parabens?

    No, none of the Lily Lolo range of cosmetics contains parabens, fragrances or fillers.

  • What is your animal testing policy?

    We do not test on animals and have achieved BUAV approval

  • Do you use any animal ingredients?

    We currently have two eye colours which contain carmine (Golden Pink and Golden Lilac) and five blush shades (Ooh La La, Candy Girl, Sugar n Spice, Sweet Fig and Clementine), this is commonly used in cosmetics but is a derivative of cochineal (a red food colouring). Our lip gloss range also contains beeswax so vegans may want to avoid these products.

  • Do you have an alternative to natural animal hair brushes?

    We stock some high quality synthetic hair brushes. Our kabuki, buffer, concealer, smudge and angle brow brushes are all made from the highest grade synthetic hair. We also stock flocked sponges for those who prefer to avoid animal hair.

  • Do you use any nano or micronized particles?

    No. None of the particles are small enough to be classed as micronized or nano-particles.

  • What is the minimum particle size?

    Titanium and Zinc oxide are uncoated and have a minimum particle size of 10 microns

  • Are your products comedongenic?

    Mineral makeup is non-comedogenic. There are no mineral oils or similar ingredient which create a film on the skin blocking the pores. With mineral foundation you can achieve excellent coverage which is breathable.

  • Where are your products made?
  • he majority of our products are made in the UK with our own contract manufacturer,our eyeliner pencils are produced in Germany.

To those who are into natural makeup ingredients,
Lily Lolo is worth to try!

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