[Review] ELF Eyelash Curler, Za Eyebrow Pencil & Concealer

Here’s my humble review of 3 items which i’ve been using for quite awhile.
Been rather busy, it’s Festive season you see!

Let this be my last blog entry in 2010!

ELF eyelash curler

Za Eyebrow Pencil

Za Liquid Concealer


let me start with the ELF eyelash Curler.
I’ve bought quite abit eyelash curlers from ELF long time ago,
finally it’s this eyelash curler’s turn!

i think i bought it at SGD1 or something…

it’s pretty cheap to spree from ELF, especially during their 50% sale!

i find the packaging rather dull, but reminded me of Shu Uemura’s eyelash curler,
i thought maybe it’s able to produce the same results as Shu Uemura’s.

The curling "kiap" is almost the same as Sugar Kiss.

The only difference is that, there’s no spring effect.

After using it for a few months, not much results in producing wonderful curls…
infact at the end of the day, some of my eyelashes looked like ‘falling down’.


next product is the eyebrow pencil from Za,
Za EVER BROW Eyebrow Liner!

No sharpening is required.

And incase you didn’t know,
it has won the winning award from Watsons Best-Selling Eyebrow Pencil this year!


Another award wiinnig product from Watsons is this liquid concealer from Za,
Za Concealer Perfection!

Texture is a little creamy, i won’t say it’s light.

able to conceal my freckles and able to lighten (not thoroughly conceal ya) my purplish/reddish dark circles,
it’s also unable to hide the puffiness. (Refer to my last photo in this entry)

Nevertheless, my dark circles and puffiness are pretty serious.
For those with light and medium dark circles, should have no problem with concealing using this concealer!

There’s a reason why this concealer can win the winning award from Watsons.
Well, after applying on my targetted areas for about 8 hours,
no creases, no cakiness, doesn’t settle into my fine lines!


Here’s a pic of me, after using the eyelash curler from ELF, with eyebrow drawn using Za Ever Brow,
and with abit of Za Concealer Perfection applied on my freckles and dark circles.


That’s all folks!
I’ll be back with more reviews in 2011!
Have a great holiday and Happy partying this weekend!



Sassyd0ll aka Sunkisstiffy


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