Holistic Living with Geranium and Dr Hauschka!

photo credits: nature-organic-gt.blogspot.com

Last evening was my first time to see a live demo on facial care.

Event was held at Geranium.

This beauty salon is not new to me, i’ve heard about it since 2008.
Back then, i was introduced to Organic Skincare and
Henry Tianus was the first organic skincare product which i tried.
Geranium facial services use organic skincare products from Henry Tianus,
and this attracts many beauty junkies to try out the products,
and yep i’m one of them!


Anyway, back to the event on Holistic Living.
The workshop started off with a 40mins lecture, sharing with us about going green!
yes, environmental-friendly activities and lifestyles.
Topics about greenhouse effects came in.
For a moment, i thought i was in a Science and Geography class…. LOL

After explaning to us why being environmental friendly is important,
we were finally brought into the topic of skincare which were environmental friendly.

Organic Skincare…. Dr Hauschka!

You can view here for more products details.

Hr Hauschka actually has a different approach towards skincare products.

They don’t believe in night creams and foaming.
Even for oily skin types, they recommend products which contain oil.

Their rhythmic process in their organic skincare products will teach the skin,
to tell the skin, "hey, there is sufficient oil, there’s no need to produce anymore oil sebum to moisturize the skin!"

Below photo shows how the cleansing cream was being applied onto the model’s face.
This is a cleanser which requires no foaming, but infact, dab and dab!

Refer to the below two video clips to understand what i mean by dab and dab!

i’ve tried out the cleansing cream on my hand, gosh, my hand felt kinda smooth after that.


The second half of the workshop was to introducing us to Gua Sha.

These are the boards which are used for Gua Sha.
The biggest one was used on the demo yesterday.

For all the facial services at Geranium, they are done in private room with this cozybed!

photo credits: nature-organic-gt.blogspot.com

but for demo purposes, Geranium picked one of the attendees to be the model~

In below’s photo, the lady in red vest is Grace, boss of Geranium.
You will wow if you are to know her age!
Her complexion is really good!

A short clip of the gua sha performed on model’s jaw…

I didn’t know that perform gua sha on the different parts on face were treating different parts/organs of the body!

Quoted from nature-organic-gt.blogspot.com/ :

"Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese technique that involves lightly stroking the skin with a smooth blade typically made from jade or water buffalo horn in order to promote blood circulation to heal the body. The skin is stroked with friction in the direction of blood flow.

Face Gua Sha have been shown to improve facial skin …in many ways, including reducing dark circles and puffness under the eyes, lightening/evening the skin tone and lifting/forming the skin. They can also make the skin look more radiant and smooth while improving the overall condition of the skin!"

After the demo, i noticed the model’s left cheek was more lifted than the right cheek!


Generous goodies pack for me to bring home!



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