Paul Frank Lip Smacker! Smack Your Lips!

Spot Julius and the gang monkeying around with Lip Smacker’s newest giftsets, exclusively at selected Watsons stores!
Available this X’mas from 18 November to 29 December 2010.

Lip Smacker® and Paul Frank Industries® take a fresh approach to everything they do including the tradition of gift giving! Whether you are collecting these limited-edition, fashionable products for yourself or giving to someone else, they will carry on a timeless love of fun and fashion.

Celebrate Xmas with Julius and friends! Paul Frank’s much-loved characters adorn your favourite Lip Smacker glosses. Julius, Paul Frank’s ever-popular monkey, along with beloved characters like Worry Bear & Clancy, are helping to create Lip Smacker’s newest giftsets with unique and colourful designs – offering a cheerful addition to every handbag!

Lip Smacker® is the worldwide lip gloss leader and #1 favourite among girls. Bonne Bell, Inc.® introduced the Lip Smacker brand in 1973 with the original and ever-popular Strawberry Lip Smacker. Today, the brand offers over 300 flavours that include co-branding partnership with Coca-Cola™, Skittles®, Starburst®, KOOL-AID®, Dr Pepper® and many more. New, enticing flavours and limited-edition collections featuring themed flavours and fashion designs are introduced annually in more than 50 countries. Lip Smacker is a lifestyle brand that is the first taste of a girl’s love affair with make-up – a relationship that lasts a lifetime.

More information can be found at

Founded on the simple principle of pure creativity, the design house of Paul Frank industries specialises in originally created men’s and women’s sportswear accessories, pajamas, swimwear, intimates, t-shirts, and home furnishings. PFI collections are available at top retailers worldwide, including Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Macy’s, Colette (France), Selfridges (London), Beams (Japan), and 14 Paul Frank stores worldwide.

For more information, visit

Many thanks to Starasia for sending me one giftpack with 4 lip balms in fucky cartoons and cheery colours!

I’m pretty amazed by the nice fruity scent!

In my pouch, has 3 different textures of lip smackers!

Squeezy Lip Smacker:
Julius’ Strawberry Banana

Lip Smacker:
Clancy’s Cotton Candy, Julius’ Coconut Cream

Liquid Lip Smacker:
Worry Bear’s Honey Sweet

Check out the Paul Frank Lip Smacker at watsons stores ya!
They will be here for only a limited period!

Exclusively at selected Watsons stores!
Available this X’mas from 18 November to 29 December 2010.


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