Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!

Last Friday, i had blasting christmas party with my company.
here’s what my secret santa bought for me.

In my wishlist, there were 3 items.
but he bought none of them. -.-"

he bought an eyeliner, different from the one mentioned in my wishlist.

on top of that, he added a bottle of perfume!
i smelly meh?
he explained he thought the apple smell was nice so he bought it!

i can understand though, it’s prolly his first time to buy a cosmetic!

Small goodies from Kiehl’s!

i thought that was a soap!
i was wrong, it’s cookie!

Having serious Monday bluessss todae!

By 5pm, i made my way to Shiseido office to collect Her World Magazine!
It has a small section featuring me!

A little typo though… i’m not 27 years old! kwa kwa kwa!
I don’t remember I mention Enhancer,
anyway Aqualabel has got a big range of skincare products for me to list my number 1!

Thanks to Shiseido, I was given a pack of Christmas goodies!

And incase you didn’t know, all these goodies have won the winning awards in 2010!

Highly popular and demanded in Watsons Stores!

Took shade 21 and realized i’m shade 20! blur blur me!

Was craving some retail shopping after that!
Bought a dress at only SGD25!
Love the cut!

but i still feel it’s not enough, i want more clothes!


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