[Review] Ginvera Star Products!

Yea, got selected to be one of the 100 bloggers who were sponsored with 2 Ginvera star products!
Ginvera Marvel Gel & Ginvera Jade Roller.

Ginvera Marvel Gel has been around in the skincare market for many many years.
It’s like one of the skincare product which grows up with me!
It’s one of the earliest product which helps to remove blackheads in the easiest painless way.
I find the name rather interesting, "marvel", like marvelous, superb, reminds me marvel comics!

Not to forget their Green Tea’s New Endorser, Michelle Chia!

Review on Ginvera Marvel Gel

Anyway, marvel gel gives instant results on me,
then again, results vary from individuals okayyyy.

I just have to squeeze out an appropriate amount onto my index finger and
start rubbing on my nose where the blackheads are the most concentrated at!

There’s no need to rub with a lot of force and push, moderate force will do.
You won’t want to end up with a red nose Rudolph!
I can’t say how long I have to rub,
but I usually rub till the marvel gel has sort of dried up on my nose.
But the recommended duration is 1 minutes ya.

During the rubbing process, you’ll notice some white flakes, it’s normal,
and it’s definitely not telling you your skin is flaking!

To really see if blackheads have been reduced from the rubbing,
magnifying glass is a good tool to examine.

Green gel-like texture.


Rub for 1 minute…

Rinse with water…
(Warm water is recommended, will help in soothing and calming the skin after rubbing)

After rinsing, skin feels smooth!

Here’s the before and after photos!

Look closely, and you’ll notice some "heads" are being removed from the pores!


After using it for about a week, my nose feels smoother.

Blackheads reduction is still not visible to naked eyes though.

Other than just using it 3 times a week, iIve used twice on the skin area between my eyebrows.
That’s where I’ve got some blackheads too. I’ll say results are more prominent at this area.

Review on Ginvera Green Tea Jade Dark Eye Circles Roll Away

Quoted from Ginvera.com:

GINVERA Green Tea Jade Dark Eye Circles Roll Away
Jade roller is more hygienic than other rollers as it has energy to inhibit bacteria

Unique with Jade Roller and blended with Bio energy ingredients such as Bio Energy Fluid,
Bio Rice Fermentation Essence, water soluble Olive Oil, Ginseng,
various whitening herb extracts, Pomelo and Royal Jelly,
Jade Dark Eye Circles Roll Away helps to roll away dark eye circles and brightens eye contours effectively.
Compared to other materials, Jade is a exceptional massaging medium as it contains trace minerals that benefit the human body.

Direction of Use:
– Tilt roller upwards to 95° to allow contents to flow out
– After sufficient contents have flowed out, tilt roller to 80° and use roller to gently massage eye contour area. Use once in the morning & evening
– Use fingers to massage until fully absorbed.

I have been using it regularly, every night before i fall asleep.

I do it in circular motion starting at my under eye areas, inner corner outwards, for both eyes.
I roll for about 5mins for each eye.

There isn’t much improvements on my puffy eyebags and dark circles.

But the purplish on my puffy eyebags have lightened.
i.e. colour has lightened.

In terms of hydration, I don’t feel it’s enough,
even though i’ve tried to tilt to 95 deg, and even vertically at 90deg with my head resting on the pillow.

That’s all for the Marvel Gel to exfoliate the skin, and
Jade Roller to roll away the dark circles.

Ginvera Green Tea ranges doesn’t just include these two items ya.
These two items are the Star Products in Green Tea range.

Here’s the rest of the products you can try from Ginvera Green Tea range!
It will make your skincare regimen a complete one!

Starts with cleanser, for a cleaner, fresher, fairer skin!

Always, toner!
Preps skin for moisturization, refines the pores for a finer and softer skin!

For those who have pigmentation problem (me!), Spot Corrector!
It’s an Intensive Whitening product which helps to lighten spots,
helping us to achieve fairer skin and even skintone!

Moisturize your thirsty skin!

Comes in Day and Night moisturizers, in cream type.

The day moisturizer comes with SPF15,
texture is almost the same as sunblock, I don’t really like it.

This is the night cream, a little too sticky for my liking.
I wake up the next morning with oilier skin, but not a issue for me.
Those with dry skin and sleep in aircon room, this night cream seems not bad, and affordable too!

Alrighty, that’s all for Ginvera Green Tea range.

TheSampleStore is having a contest in FB now!

Redeem, Review, & Win Contest!

Here’s what you need to do!

Click on my link below to redeem your Marvel Gel sample.
Try it!
Post your review on Ginvera Facebook Wall!
Photos and videos are highly recommended!

Contest Period: 29/11 – 27/12

3 best reviews will be selected every week (a total of 5 weeks) and
each winner gets to walk away with a full sized Jade Roller & Marvel Gel worth SGD35.70!

Start your redemption now!

Good luck!


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