Skincare Products from Sampar & Repecharge

i received a beauty workshop invitation by PureColours.
PureColours provides haircare but they have a sister beauty salon, Renaza Medical Aesthetics Spa, which targets on beautycare.
In this workshop, i was introduced to some basic skincare from Sampar and Repecharge.

Sampar is not a new brand to me actually.
i’ve heard, seen, tried this brand through another company.
Seriously, the brand name is not very attractive to me, i don’t understand what it means.
but the pink/white packaging seems sweet.

Sampar skincare products are mainly made up of active ingredients and extracts from natural plants
and essential oils.
They are pretty natural.

Another skincare brand which i was introduced was the Repecharge.
The main ingredients in Repcharge is mainly extracts from Seaweed.

At the beauty workshop,
customers of PureColours were given a live demo on skincare products from Sampar and Repecharge,
followed by a basic makeup demo, sharing tips makeup.

Sampar and Repecharge products are mainly used at Renaza Medical Aesthetics Spa (uk).

Here’s some skincare products which I was given to try.
I’ve yet to try them yet, so no review from me in this entry.

Product Info extracted from Sampar website:

Product Info extracted from Repecharge website:

More product info at Sampar and Repecharge websites.
For facial services using these products, you can find out more at Renaza Medical Aesthetics Spa.


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