[Review] Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Mineral Powder Foundation

Had read many many raves from bloggers and heard many many recommendations from ladies that
EA Mineral Powder Foundation is one of the must-have item when comes to Mineral Makeup.

Well, i have been holding on to this product for so many months, Elizabeth Arden was generous enough to sponsor me to try it out!
Finally my turn to share my review.

Check out the plain monotone packaging!
Simple yet brings out the chi-cness in my cosmetics pouch!

Packed with a powder puff which is made of good-quality material,
gentle to the face and helps to apply the powder evenly onto the face

Available in quite a few shades to suit the different skintone.
For me, I’m using the shade 02, suitable for those with fair skintone.

Surprisingly for me, there isn’t much oxidation after 8 hours!
Oil shine appears only after 8 hours and
i’m pretty satisfied with this result!

Even when i use it on top of my bb cream,
my make up doesn’t look too thick and cakey on my oily/combi face.
Touch up is not required for me.

Most mineral powder may create a mess during application.
Shaking the tub, picking the powder etc, will end up with a messy dressing table.

But for Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Mineral Powder Foundation,
i’m amazed by the hassle-free and mess-free application.

After removing the puff inside the compact, there are 2 directions where i can turn.
Turning clockwise (Dial to the right) is the correct direction to release the powder to the surface.

I’ll just have to turn and stop once I see the enough amount for my face.
I’ll suggest to release abit of powder, use whatever powder is on the surface,
only when it’s not enough, turn again, and pick the powder again.
This helps to avoid wastage.
Which is why i say it’s mess-free, i’ll just have to use whatever is on the surface,
no remaining powder to dirty the compact.

Stop turning will prevent the powder from releasing,
it’s the same as being ‘locked’ or closed.

I can use it as a basic foundation on its own,
or use it like a loose powder after liquid foundation or BB cream!

Depends on individuual preferences,
i can use the powder puff which comes with the powder for application,
or i can use a kabuki brush.

Elizabeth Arden has its own brush specially for this Mineral Powder Foundation.

I am sponsored 1 in full size, and another in travel sized, which can be used as a blusher brush too.

Here’s the full sized brush, Face Powder Brush,

This ultra soft, angled brush is made from synthetic hair for ultimate purity.
Delivers just the right amount of powder for an even looking complexion.
Ideal with all powders.

and Mini Folding Face Brush,

Unfold mini brush serves the same purpose as the Full sized Face Powder Brush.
Comes in a convenient design, and is able to fit into the compact.

Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Mineral Foundation is just so versatile for me!
Use it as a basic foundation on its own, or layer it on top of bb cream like a loose powder for a natural finish!

Here’s the "before and after" photos!

Before applying makeup!


After applying bb cream and EA Mineral Powder Foundation!

My bb cream basically helps to fill up the small pores on my skin, and give my pigmentation a less visible look.
EA Mineral Powder Foundation helps to provide further coverage for me pigmentation,
giving my skin a matt finish look.

Overall look is pretty natural!



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