[Review] AsianSkinSolutions – O2 Peel Rejuvenation Facial

pic extracted from OC website

We all know that we need oxygen to survive,

so does our skin, especially our delicate skin on the face. 

AsianSkinSolutions provides various facial services to cater for the individual skin concerns. 

One of the facial services is about pumping oxygen into the facial skin, it’s called O2 Peel Rejuvenation Facial. 

My experience was from the branch at Orchard Central.

I was quite well-pampered with their services.

Upon arrival, i was served with water and cookies in one of their waiting room.  

After that i was ushered to their consultation room,
where i had my skin analysis.

Skin analysis was performed with their equipment which consisted of a scope to capture snapshots on the different areas on my skin,
and a computer to turbulate the results.

Conclusion was that my main skin concern was more on pigmentations and wrinkles on my forehead. 

O2 Peel Rejuvenation Facial is suitable for me as the oxygen is supposed to plump up my skin, helps in firming and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. 

It also helps on reducing puffy eyebags. 

After the consultation, i had my treatment at another room. 

I was changed to the facial rope and began my treatment. 

My beautician removed my makeup, cleansed my face and performed the usual facial maintenance. Extraction was included in the session but i opted to leave it out as i was going to have another extraction the following day. 

I had a facial steam and the signature O2 Peel Rejuvenation Facial.

My beautician began the oxygen peel on my face. I didn’t manage to see how the equipment looked like, but while i was having my eyes closed when doing it, i felt like having a cold air spray on my face, the cold air was the oxygen and it was sprayed onto my face with strong force, ensuring that some skin areas were lifted. 

Delicate skin near the eye areas was included as well, but when doing it near my eyes, i had to close my eyes real tight to avoid any discomfort. Other than that, there was no pain throughout the facial session.

After the O2 spray,

Oxygen Solution was applied onto my face, to ensure moisture is well absorbed into my skin.

This was no ordinary solution or essence. It’s not even for sale.

Results were instant! my puffy eyebags were reduced, face looked slightly lifted, and overall radiance were shown. 

Results were observed based on comparing my left with my right side of the face because beautician did one side first to let me see the difference.

Then i had a face mask (double masking ya), i was so comfortable that i almost fell asleep. 

During masking, i was given shoulder and hand massage!
My shoulders were so relaxed and hands felt smooth after using their special forumulated handcare.

When masking session had ended, basic skincare steps were performed on my skin.
This included toning, moisturizing and sunblock.

Here are some photos to give a better illustration of the treatment i had.

Click on it for a bigger view.

pic extracted from http://beauty.icompare.sg/spa/details/82

O2 Peel Rejuvenation Facial is pampering!


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