Indulge Your Body, Mind & Soul with : Blue Marine Hydrotherapy & a Warm Argan Deluxe Massage!

Resort Spa, lcoated at Festive Hotel Level 3 in Resort World Sentosa,
is classified as as Mediterranean spa nestled in a world class resort,
promised to provide you the quintessence of well-bing through ethereal treatments inspired by an exquisite range of Mediterranean-Eco Friendly products.

Services are not just catered to singles but also couples.


I had my treatments like almost 2 weeks ago and I still remember the unforgettable relaxation and enjoyment which I had.
It’s truely one of the best spa treatments which I have so far.
I’m craving for more!

Alrighty, here’s my review on my spa experience
which consists of
Blue Marine Hydrobath and Warm Argan Deluxe Massage!

I was ushered to one of their Couple Spa Suite even though I did my spa alone.
I was first given about 15mins to steam my body, ya, like having a suana!

The body steam was done in the bathroom, at the temperature of 37 deg C.
Before I had my steam, the bathroom was already prepared with the temperature and settings.

The moment I entered opened the glass door,
lotsa steam ‘sneaked out’ !
It was really an experience steaming like a suana.
Less than 15minutes, I could feel water droplets on my face.

Do avoid makeup before the steam ya, you won’t want to have makeup melted all over your face during steaming!

A bench inside the bathroom which is also the steaming room!

Steaming at 37 deg C…

Check out the bathroom!
Everyone can do their makeup and hair at the end of the spa~
Don’t have to worry leaving the spa in an unglam look!
Everything necessary is provided, you’ll just have to bring my skincare and cosmetics,
and maybe your haircare (hair gel is provided though) along!

After the steam, i was served with warm drinks while
my masseur, Crisann, prepared my Blue Marine HydroBath.

Babacu and Sea Salt, to be dissolved into the bath tub of warm water, for the Hydrobath.

This is actually a big tablet (imagine a big pill), contains natural plant essences of
Chamomole, Lavender, Ylang-Ylang, Babacu Sea Saly and Marjoram.

The Babacu and sea salt, together, had a kind of soothing scent, but not really very strong kind.

Hydrobath – time for Jacuzzi – 30minutes!

Water was a little too warm for me, took me awhile to have my body fully soaked inside the Jacuzzi~

Rest my head, relax!

Inside the Jacuzzi, the force from the hydrobath wasn’t very strong,
I personally prefer some strong forces to light force.

Nevertheless, it was heaven!

There was changing colours from the LED inside the water.
The colours didn’t mean for anything, just some ambience.

30mins of hydrobath!

My body skin felt smooth and soft (well hydrated i guess?) right after i wiped my body!

At the end of the Hydrobath, it’s time for the head to toe, body massage!
Shiok to the max!

Crisann adjusted the massage room with the perfect lighting.

Next, Crisann prepared the massage oil for my warm massage.
Now, this is something very different from the usual body massage I have been having.

Here’s the goodness of the massage oil used by Spa Resort.

All the made up ingredients were from natural plant extracts,
carefully selected and formulated into a solid candle.

It’s not those slim kind of candle, but quite a big thick one, like a size of a small canned food!

The massage oil was actually from this burning candle!

What Crisann did was, she lighted up the candle, let the aroma to fill the room.
Calming and soothing scent all over me!

As the candle continued to burn,Crisann took the melted liquid (be amazed that’s it’s not wax but aroma oil!) which was the massage oil and massaged onto me body.

Surprisingly, unlike a normal candle, the massage oil didn’t harden like a wax.

And it’s not even burning hot on my body, infact the warmness from the massage oil
gave me a relax sensation throughout the session.

Other just using the oil as a lubricant for massaging,
this special oil helps to moisturized my skin,
relax my mind with its aroma,
calm my body and muscles with its warm texture!

Here’s some listed goodness from the ingredients inside this candle!

Envelop yourself in peace and harmony in an original massage with the golden drops of a warm candle.

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A delicate moment full of sensations… as you pour a few warm drops on your skin, the smoothness of its texture as it glides over all your body and its pleasant fragrance when massaged.

That’s for the goodness in the candle!

For the massage, it was another heaven for me!
I was very satisfied with my masseur, Crisann!
She’s very attentive, understood what my body was lacking of.
There was a point on my butt where she massaged, it was painful (but shiok).
She did on my left side first, and let me felt the before and after in the relaxed muscles before she did on my right side.
She also did a terrific job on my shoulders, they were really very stiff.
But after her massage, my shoulders felt relaxed and infact for the rest of the day, i was feeling very rejuvenated, with an active mind!
Massage was slightly different from the usual ones which I have, in Spa Resort,

I was told the one which they did on me was a Deep Tissue Body Massage.

It’s about massaging and pressing on specific points on the body,
not just on the surface, but also ensure the force is deeply penetrated into my muscles,
to really relax my muscles, and not just a temporary treatment.

After the massage, she shared with me some DIY massage tips,
advised me some Dos and Don’ts to avoid future serious bodyache.

All in all, i felt this was more than just a spa-ing session,
it’s like having some body treatments with a personal therapist!

 Alrighty, here comes a good news for you if you are reading this!

it’s Giveaway Time!
Proudly sponsored by Spa Resort,

It’s time to pamper your body, mind and soul!


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