Emily’s Skincare Analysis With Vichy

Before Emily entered the Phase 2 of Vichy’s Challenge,
she had a skincare analysis at Vichy skinlab located at Tanglin Mall Guardian.

The analysis was much more detailed than mine done at the workshop.


Emily started off with keying her skin concerns into the system for skin analysis.

Followed by her skin’s hydration level,

Next, checking her skin type…

Results out!

After capturing her face, she was required to fill some skin concerns again one more time.

Measuring the oil sebum level on Emily’s T-zone and U-zone,

There were a few other analysis did after measuring her oil sebum level.
After all tests and analysis were completed, her results were all recorded down and
her skincare products prescription began!

Emily was prescribed the various skincare products which
suit her skin type…

and yep, she was given a big bag of beauty products to take home!
All thanks to the sponsorship by Vichy Singapore!
Do join their facebook fan page to get yourself updated with exciting events and promotions ya!

For those of you who are interested to find out more how Vichy Products can help you on skin problems like,
too much shine, redness, oiliness, acne,
do visit the skinlab analysis at Tanglin Mall Guardian.
Remember to make an appointment ya!

Vichy Contest
Meanwhile the vichy challenge is still on-going till 26 Nov 2010,
which is also the last day for voting.

Every3-4 days, Emily will uploading her skin improvements and progress on using the Vichy products to facebook.

She’ll need your support to cast daily votes on her photos and videos.
It’s a daily voting thingy,
and the more you vote, the higher chances of winning yourself a Vichy hamper with SGD300!
But do join the
Vichy Singapore Fanpage when you’ve voted ya!
This is for them to contact you if you’re the hamper winner!

You are allowed to vote on every photos and videos (even the past diary posts) everyday!
It’s no longer 3 votes per day! Can vote all her photos everyday!

So please give her your support ya!


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