Elizabeth Arden New Prevage Care

Remember my entries on Prevage skincare by Elizabeth Arden?
If you’ve missed out those reviews, you should really go read them!
Don’t forget to read a bit of the technology behind and you’ll fall in love with Idebenone and Prevage!But right here in this entry, i just want to share with you the coming product launch from Prevage!

Previously, in Prevage eyecare, the anti-aging moisturizing treatment.
The good news is in this coming week, Prevage in Singapore will be launching two additional eyecare
to suit the different lifestyle and preference for everyone!

Introducing you…

New PREVAGE® Eye Advanced Anti-aging Serum


PREVAGE® Eye Ultra Protection Anti-aging Moisturizer SPF 15

This is specially good for those who prefer to apply an eye serum at night and
another eye moisturizer with SPF during the daytime.

About New PREVAGE Eye Advanced Anti-aging Serum

This serum combines advanced Idebenone technology with a complex highly restorative ingredients to transform the look of skin around the eyes,
providing intense environmental protection and visible correction to skin’s appearance.


Protect skin from damaging environmental assaults.
Minimize the appearance of the fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet.
Target dark circles and puffiness.
Reduce the look of age spots, discolorations and sun damaged skin.
Support skin’s natural collagen to help give eyes a firmer, more lifted look.

The texture is gel-like kind, a little oily,
have to massage (or dab) for quite awhile to let it fully absorbed and get rid of the oiliness.

About New PREVAGE Eye Ultra Protection Anti-aging Moisturizer SPF 15

This multi-defense eye cream with advanced Idebenone technology provides serious environmental protection, all day intensive moisture with SPF protection.
This nourishing formula is the first ever eye cream with both broad spectrum SPF protection and revolutionary Idebenone.


Deflect the sun with SPF15 protection to shield against daily sun damage without irritation.
Neutralize free radicals that can cause aging signs.
Smooth appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and crepiness (that ‘crumpleness u find on crepes!).
Deliver all day hydration and skin soothing ingredients to the fragile eye areas.
Long term usage will help to prevent/slow down future aging signs.

Notice the metal thingy in the above photo?

it’s not a spatula though you can ‘try’ to use to as one~the yellow patch is for fingers grip whereas at the end of the metal,
it is supposed to be pressed (dabbed around) on your under eye area for better blood circulation.Again, in terms of the texture, it’s also a little oily.
Have to dab for more than 5 minutes to get rid of the oiliness.

Anyway, thanks to the lovelies from Elizabeth Arden!
They organizes a informal chit chat session with a few bloggers including myself!
And i really mean chit chat, we chatted alot of things which were out of skincare topics.
Topics on lifestyle, gossips were hot that day!

Thanks to Sweet Sheena who chosen 15 Minutes @ LaSelle for the meetup!

That place is cool and a nice place to chill, i’m going back for sure!
Makes me feel I’m back a student!

And my-o-my! Every blogger had a surprise bouquet and a love letter from Liz!
That was so thoughtful of the EA team!

We were pampered with food, flowers, beauty products, perfume!
Everyone had got a different perfume!

Salads in a bottle!!

Out chit chat session was supposed to end at 9pm…
but we were so engrossed, and before we realized, it was 10.30pm!!
I really enjoyed myself that night!


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