[Review] Liese Bubble Hair Dye – Platinum Beige

Finally managed to find time to dry out one of the latest and most popular Bubble hair colour from Liese, Platinum Beige!

Previously, I tried their Glossy Brown which was love!
Review here.

Back to Platinum Beige.

Getting myself ready for the DIY…

And I began my "shampoo-ing"!
This time round I ensure I had the foams leave on for an hour.

Two more things to ensure:

– Shampoo well without hair tangling.
– Every strands must be in contact with the foams!

And I’m just so glad this time round, my hair top and hair ends are of even colour tone!

I tried to capture the hair colour but my camera CMI.

Here’s some snapshots from the different lightings.


It does made my hair a little drier than before, not sure if it’s because of my recent rebonding touch up.

The final colour on my hair is quite close to the hair colour on the model as featured on the packaging.

And of course, definitely easy to use, not much mess created, and colour doesn’t fade off, stain my top!

Next to try will be Apricot Orange!
But prolly many months later!


2 thoughts on “[Review] Liese Bubble Hair Dye – Platinum Beige

  1. Thanks for the review! i’m about to dye my hair the same colour. was your hair black before dying it, or was it already bleached? i don’t know if it will work on my black black hair!!

    • My hair wasn’t black before, it was only black from hair top to above my ears.
      Rest of it was in Glossy Brown from Liese too.
      it should work on black hair. Infact after dying, the colours turned brighter each time I washed my hair. 😀

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