[Review] Megamind (in 3D)

Together with other bloggers, I attended the movie, Megamind (in 3D) gala premiere,
held at the Grand Cathay Theatre.

We were told to come in dressed-up costumes.
Initially I had wanted to dress up as an Gothic grecian goddess.
But my outfit wasn’t dry (due to wearing it for Halloween) so I went to the movie with nothing but a hairband with cat ears!

And oh, the glasses in the photo was not sunglass ok, it’s the 3D glasses, looks stylo-milo i know!
BHB i also know! lol

Before the show started, many of us were busy taking photo with Megamind!
Who’s Megamind?
He’s the superhero with a mind of its own!

About Megamind

He was born from a broken family from the galaxy.
Broken as in a house which has broken up!
Something happened to his home in the galaxy and his parents had to use a mini spaceship to transport him to earth, a safe place from the space.
And his parents probably died after that in the broken home.

From a baby, Megamind grew up in a prison without his parents.

He was talented and well-behaved in the prison, and so he was given a chance to go to school.
Megamind pronounced "school" as "shool", cute eh!

He was always the last to be chosen for everything in school no matter how he tried to befriend everyone.
He wasn’t popular with the friends no matter how good he tried to impress everyone with his talents.

So finally he decided to become the bad guy, convincing himself he’s born to be evil~

He was very creative and was an expert in Science, built robots to work him.
He also had a personal and uber loyal assistant, called Minion, which looked after him since he was a baby.

His greatest enemy was Metro Man whom he enjoyed fighting with him all day long.

Until one day Metro Man disappeared from the City and Megamind felt lost and aimless to be surviving.
He felt that he’s meant to be the bad guy and needed a hero to fight with!

He was so bored to the extent that he tried to built with DNA from Metro Man and infuse the "hero fighting genes" into Roxanne’s colleague, hoping to built a hero to fight with him in the city.
He named this "hero", Tighten!

On the other hand, Megamind was in love with Roxanne, a reporter, and tried all kinds of funny ways to get her attention.

And sad for Megamind, Tighten turned out to be a even more evil guy who was corrupted with lust, greed, revenge.

The story carried on with how Megamind, together with Roxanne, tried to find ways to fight with Tighten.

It’s all about the hero and the bad guy, the good triumph over the evil kind of movie.

Warm-heartening show, with lotsa laughers and 3D effects were not bad.

A good show to watch with the kids.

I like how Megamind communicate with Minion in some of the scenes.

Can’t remember the exact words they exchanged inside the movie,
but here’s an example (not from the movie ya),

Megamind says: Code – I am falling in love.

Minion says: Code – You know you can’t fall in love! You’re supposed to be the bad guy!

Megamind replies: Code – You don’t know me!

The "Code" is like our "Over" and "Roger" ya, so interesting eh!

For cartoon like Megamind, i’ll say it is worth to watch!
Nothing is perfect, i’ll give 4/5

There was a little twist in the plot and this twist was so unpredictable!

Minion actually disguised himself as Megamind, while Megamind disguised himself as Metro Man.

I thought that twist was perfect!

It will be even more perfect if the ending part (where Megamind managed to get into his invisible car to find the defuser gun) could drag abit more. Would love to see more funny scenes on the gun injection!



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