Cast Your Vote To Stand A Chance to Win A Hamper Worth SGD300

If u want to see how "powerful" Vichy products are,

vote for my challenger, Emily!

She’ll need our votes daily to be qualified to Stage 2 in this challenge!

Push her to stage 2 to try out the products


we shall see the difference in her ‘Before Using’ and ‘After Using’ photos!

Yep, challenger will be sharing with us her real-life reviews and experience using Vichy skincare
in 5 diary posts

That’s not all!

Voters will stand a chance to win a hamper worth SGD300!

Voters are allowed to vote once per day!

The more you vote, the higher chances of winning the hampers!

Cast your vote HERE !

Voting period: 18 Oct 2010 to 31st Oct 2010

Vote for my challenger, Emily, everyday, OKAY!


5 thoughts on “Cast Your Vote To Stand A Chance to Win A Hamper Worth SGD300

  1. Honestly I was in such an awful mood when I came on YouTube.. but this had me laughing out loud! You must have had such? fun making it! Thank you for cheering me up!!!¦
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