Tsubaki Haircare Is Coming To SG!


Quoted from Shiseido,

"Tusbaki means Camellia in Japanese.
It means strength and sign of Japanese beauty.
It is recognized as a symbol that embodies Shiseido’s spirit of pursuing optimal beauty.
Shiseido developed a camellia design and adopted the "Camellia Mark" as its trademark in 1915!

By infusing this trademarks and High Purity Tsubaki Oil EX formulated in all products,
the product name represents the spirit of pursuing optimal beauty as well as the desire to let the full beauty of women’s hair bloom.

Their research in Japan actually shows that the desire to have a shiny hair is still the top priority of most women.

And so Tsubaki was developed to help women to achieve shiny hair starting from the hair roots all the way to hair ends.

This is achieved based on one of the main ingredient, High Purity Tsubaki Oil EX.

Do not be alarm with the word "Oil", it’s definitely not the kind of oiliness we dread to have!

Other than just achieving a more shinier hair on the outside,
Tsubaki is also providing intensive care to the inside of each hair strand.
Incase you are not aware of, our hair will be protected against UV ray!

We all know that as long as our hair is in damage condition,
no matter what treatments and nutrients we give, the hair strand just won’t absorb the "food.

In Tsubaki haircare products, there is an unique technology (which helps to detect (like radar eh!) which are the damaged parts on our hair.
These damaged parts will be intensively treated with their Premium Rich Formula,
which enables Hair Beautifying Ingredient contained in High Purity Tsubaki Oil EX.

When hair is repaired, absorption of Deep Beauty& Shine Pearl Lipid will be better and help to achieve shinier hair, from roots to tips!

Not only that, the haircare products all come with nice soothing scent to relax our body and mind!

Thanks to Shiseido, I was sponsored with Tsubaki Haircare today!
Moi items were packed in red and white paperbags!

About 70% of the ingredients are the same in both red and white range.
the remaining 30% will be focusing on the main purpose of each range.

Here’s the White range – The Damaged Care

Contains Tusbaki Amino which repairs damaged and brittle parts on the hair.

Shampoo – SGD9.90 (220ml), SGD18.90 (550ml)
Conditioner – SGD9.90 (220ml), SGD18.90 (550ml)
Hairmask – SGD21.90 (200g)

The red series – The Shining

Contains Radiant Honey Essence which ensure each and every hair strand is well protected and shines.

Shampoo – SGD8.90 (220ml), SGD17.90 (550ml)
Conditioner – SGD8.90 (220ml), SGD17.90 (550ml)
Hairmask – SGD19.90 (200g)

Point to note!

Notice these 3D strips on the bottle cap and body?
It’s for the the blur (like me) and visually handicapped to differentiate the shampoo and conditioner bottles!
That’s very innovative!

Cute hairmask tub!

Main Ingredients in Tsubaki Haircare

Both the fruits and plant extracts scents help to calm our body and mind while pampering our hair!

Tsubaki is marketed as a range of high "added value" hair products that makes hair beautiful and shiny.

In short, 3 main ingredients (in both red and white range) which help to achieve healthy shiny hair:

High Purity Tusbaki Oil EX – haircare component
Shining Sensor Mechanism – makes hair radiate with shine from roots to tips!
Deep Beauty & Shine Pearl Lipid – gives hair support from within and evoke radiance

Tsubaki will only be available in selected watsons stores in Nov-Dec 2010!
But their soft launch was already over, so probably some watsons stores have them now.
Look out for it!


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