A New Collection from TheBodyShop Cosmetics for this festive seasons!

Launching on 4th November 2010 at TheBodyShop!

But I was invited to a private preview!

On a Sat morning at 10am, a private workshop was being held at TheBodyShop at ION Orchard.

We had Clarence Lee, the man with magic hands, with us this morning!

We had a fun workshop learning makeup tips and makeup wonders from TheBodyShop new makeup range, demonstrated by Clarence Lee.

In this new collection, the colours are perfect for the coming festive season!

One of the pretty items included is this bottle of shimmer, not just for the body,
it’s also for the eyes and lips!
Can you believe it, lips!!

It is different from the usual shimmer which we usually see.
In this shimmer, the intensity is amazing!
Just a little dap on the eyeshadow colours, a different eye makeup is achieved.

Another star product from this new makeup collection is…

Shimmer Powder Spray!

Check out the kawaii girlie bottle!!

I’ve only took a light spray on my hand, unable to capture a good photo here… =(

But I guess you can still see a tiny bit of shimmer on my hand?

I personally feel it’s perfect as a christmas pressent for girlfriend ya!

So do keep a look out for this new range in this November k!

Last but not the least,

need your help to do abit for a campaign!

Save and protect our children from Sex Trafficking!

Please go online to sign the below petition!

It won’t cost a single cent right?

So just do it!


And if you do abit more other than signing the petition,

please go to TheBodyShop, get yourself a Soft Hand Kind Heart Hand Cream at SGD14.90 if I remember correctly.

It’s a fund raising for the Say No to Sex Trafficking Campaign.

Enjoyed the fun at the workshop!
Other than just makeup, we got to know about the recycling program in TheBodyShop.

Incase you forgot, TheBodyShop recycling program on collection plastic bottles (their own brand or any other brand) is still on-going!

This is just so amazing. I still remember the first time I heard of this recycling program was more than 10years ago!

Do bring / fold / roll up your shopping bag, put it in your shoulderbag before you leave the house.
If you happen to do any shopping, do use your shopping bag instead of taking the plastic/paperbags from the shops!

Use less plastic!

Can you imagine tonnes of rubbish in plastic bags being thrown onto the sea,
not able to decompose and sea animals consume them by accident?

Save the earth!

And ooh, my goodie bag!

Was given two capsules from the Vitamin C range!
It is one of the best-seller in this range!

"An all-time favourite amongst women seeking a radiance boost,
this innovative time-release system provides skin with pure vitamin C to help even out skin tone,
brighten a dull complexion and protect it from environmental damage,
leaving skin radiant-looking over time.
Designed for use as a replacement for your night serum, the one-a-day capsules should be used every evening before moisturizing."

Find out more about the rest of the products from Vitamin C here!

Won this Dipliscious new tinted lip balm in one of the True/False Questions!

A new haircare range given to use to try out!

It’s called the Rainforest Haircare range!

Check out them here!

Do you know the shampoo from TheBodyShop does not create foam?

Well.. that’s because..
in their haircare…

There’s no…
Silicones, Suplhates, Parabens, Colourants !
I’ve ever tried their honey range, there’s really no foams created ya!

And one last thing to share!

"Rainforest Hair Care, meet their strict eco-conscious standards which means they are respectful to the aquatic environment,
are readily biodegradable, and the packaging uses recycled materials wherever practical.
They are also infused with the goodness of natural ingredients that smooth condition and protect hair."

4 ranges to choose from:

It’s time to visit TheBodyShop!




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