Vichy Workshop

Attended a workshop held by Vichy a week ago.

Colour Theme of the workshop was GREEN!
I should have worn in green!

Drink bottle in green! Green apple!

The food was alot for just the 6 bloggers (including myself) who attended!

Green chips and sweets!

That’s all for the foodies (i’m a foodie lover, glutton), the key topic here is about Vichy Products!

About Vichy

Key ingredients in Vichy products is the Thermal Spa Water,
a 100% natural effective ingredient!

Reminds me of the pure (spring) water at Sembawan, where neighbourhood peeps
actually went there to soak their feet with the water, said to have healing properties,
and to improve one’s health!

Who should try out Vichy?

Acne-prone skin, redness, dry skin with flakes etc…

Technology behind

Proven results

After listening to the presentation on Vichy, I had a chance to take their skin analysis test.

This equipment helped me measure my oil sebum level on the different parts on my skin!

A special kind of paper (Sebupatch) was pressed for a few seconds on the area which I wanted to test.

After pressing, this Sebupatch was inserted into their special equipment to measure my sebum level.

I had my cheek and forehead being tested.

Original colour of the circular patch on the paper was in grey.
The darker the colour, the higher level of oil sebum!

My cheek was slightly less oilier than my forehead.

My forehead was the worst.

The moment the paper was lifted off from my forehead,
the colour on the circular patch was almost black!

To my horror, both my cheek and forehead were super oily, oily to the max!

I bet the oil level was so high that that’s the best the equipment could show me!

So I conclude Vichy skincare products are meant for my oily skin, helps to reduce the

over-shine on my face.

I then tried the texture of the whole range of products on the spot.

To my surprise, seemed to me that almost all the products had got the same “after-feel” texture on my skin after application!

No matter how many layers I’d applied on my hand, my skin felt matt!

Ofcourse not referring to cleanser and scrub which both made my skin feel smooth after trying out on hand.

Very mild exfoliation!

Other than just bottles and tubes of skincare products,
Vichy also had got this crayon, meant to be drawn on our pimple!
To conceal and at the sametime to “heal” the pimple!


One thing I noted from the toner…

two types of toner!

one with alcohol, one without~



That’s good news for me who don’t really like toners with alcohol sometimes.

Together with other bloggers, I had fun trying out the whole range and learn more about Vichy

At the end of the workshop, I went home with a huge goodie bag from Vichy!

Can’t wait to try them out on my oily skin!

Meanwhile do update with the latest news from Vichy at their newly launched facebook account!

Remember to LIKE them!

Also, if you’ve cast your daily votes for my challenger, Emily, in this link,
do remember to “LIKE” vichy okay!

This is for them to get in touch with you incase you are one of the winners to win a SGD300 hamper for casting your votes!

The more votes you cast, the higher chances of winning the hamper!



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