Who is a die-hard fan of horror movie?

Well, I’m one uber BIG die-hard fan!

Since young I’ve always love to watch all kinds of horror movies!

From Chinese Vampire, those hop hop kind,
to Zombies and Spirits in the big screen!

Horror movies are meant to watch in quiet dark spacious hall,
the best will be one seat with no one sitting beside AND behind you!

Not sure if you belong to me era.. about 10 years ago, just right after Plaza Sing had finished the renovation, the last row of the cinema hall were ALWAYS empty!

I didn’t know why though.

But that was like 10 years ago lah!

And that made Plaza Sing of my fave halls to watch horror movies!

Another spooky hall I recommend will be Sembawang SC.
Watch it on weekdays, you’ll probably only find yourself and a less than 10 peeps watching a horror show!

Anyway, I’ve been watching quite abit of horror shows this year, and 80% of them were disappointing.
I couldn’t got enough scare!

So many times I was anticipating for the horror scene to come, but ended up,
it came in a flash and before i could jumped off my seat, the thrill was gone. So terrible!
And some got me crying, not because of the scare, but because of the touching scenes!

Can you imagine my disappointment in watching horror movie?
Supposed to scare myself and ended up crying because I was so touched by the plot. =.=

Finally had a horror movie appearing in 3D and I was looking forward to it!
BUT I was disappointed again, the 3D CGI didn’t really bring out the SCARE infront of me.

Just when I am craving for MORE horror movies, THE LAST EXORCISM is coming!!

The word “Exorcism” reminds me of “Exercise Horror”!

Not to be missed!

To make the atmosphere even more better, how about watching The Last Exorcism in Halloween costumes in the movie hall?

Sounds so cool eh!

Imagine during the shocking scenes, just when you want to turn your eyes away from the screen,
to the left is a vampire with blood dripping from his lips, to the right is Sadako?

Not afraid of bloody and gross-y scenes, this is a movie to watch!I MUST WATCH IT!

Release Date: 28 Oct 2010
Rating: NC16 (Some Disturbing Scenes)


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