[Review] Biore Makeup Remover

Received 3 different types of make up removers from TheSampleStore.

Am required to submit my review for the items and here I go!

First to review is the eye/lips makeup remover,
comes in pink bottle and bi-phase solution kind.

Because it’s in bi-phase form (Oil and Water), I gota shake shake before use.

Pour the appropriate amount onto cotton pad,

Warning: Do not oversoak the cotton pad with too much eyemakeup remover!
You’ll sting your own eyes!
And yes, it contains alcohol.

A photo of my eye with makeup which includes waterproof crayon eyeliner,

One swipe is definitely not enough!
I use quite a few swiped, but each with minimum strength.

Can see there’s still some eyemakeup from the eyeliner,
but doesn’t matter to me, because it can be cleansed with the face makeup remover.
Usually I try not to spend too much swipes on my eye areas which are so thin and delicate,
if not fine lines will appear fast!

Next, face makeup remover, call the Hydra Clear Makeup Remover, from Biore.
Comes in blue bottle!

A photo showing bb cream, light powder and blusher on my cheeks,

Pour the right amount onto dry hands and face.
Waterbased texture!

Spread all over the face and eye areas.
Slowly massage on the skin to remove the face makeup.

By right, without much rubbing and tugging on the skin, the make up is able to dissolve when in contact with Biore Hydra Clear Makeup Remover.

But I still proceed with some rubbing and massage.
Then rinse of my face.

Photo of my face, after removing makeup using Biore Hydra Clear Makeup Remover.

Last to review here is makeup remover wipes !

Full name is Cleansing Oil Cotton!

This is the perfect item to bring along during overseas trip!
Available in a box of 48 sheets.
Box cab be re-used many times!

Also Comes in Refill Pack ofr 48 sheets
Handy Pack of 10 sheets!
So convenient!

Here’s one sheet which I’d use!
Not really “wet-ly soaked” though.

Had got a light nice scent on the sheet.
Smell calming!
Took one swipe on one eye makeup,
surprisingly that my waterproof pencil eyeliner was removed!


Using clean hands, gently wipe off makeup with sheet.
Makeup removal is complete when there is no trace of makeup on the sheet.

This means one sheet is definitely not enough ya.

To remove waterproof mascara or eyeliner, place sheet on closed yes for a few seconds before wiping off!

Made in Japan.

Alcohol-free sheets instantly remove all traces of makeup, even waterproof mascara!

Contains smooth cleansing oil (but not too oily for my skin because cleansing oil does not remain on my skin!) in each MOIST sheet.

Stubborn makeup can be gently and effectively removed!

Doesn’t require alot of swipes inorder to remove makeup thoroughly!

Enriched with moisturizing agent that makes skin feel soft, smooth and supple!

All 3 products make makeup removal so much easier than before!

Less skin tugging > Less fine lines > Less wrinkles!


Before I end, good news for my readers!

Pic credits to TheSampleStore

Redeem  a FREE Biore Sample kit which consist of
1 Travel size of Biore Makeup Remover for Eye & Lip,
1 Travel size of Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Sheets(2 Pcs) !


Please take note of the following,
You, my readers, regardless of whether you are existing
thesamplestore.sg members or not,
has to redeem the sample via via referral link, so that the staff are able to track !


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