Aqualabel | My Own Private Party | Something Blue….


I was outside having dinner when I realized Aqualabel results were out.

My email came in late and for awhile I thought I was out of the final round.

But, phew phew phew, I was in!

Delighted to the max!

Immediately after the dinner, I drafted my party plan!
That’s a very simple draft!

After I was onfirmed my party date and time, I created an Event Invitation at my facebook page!
During the RSVP process, I had to mass emailed to my shortlist attendees,
gave them a rough idea on what’s going to happen at the party,
party theme, dresscode.
And inorder to ensure that they had received my email, I requested them
to send me an acknowledgement reply.


Here’s my full details on my preparation for the party!

I got to choose either the Whitening Line or Moisturizing Line from Aqualabel.
Chose Whitening Line, the one which I was familiar with!

Having a checklist sure made my planning easier than without it!

I was so excited that I even planned for the furniture arrangement!

The reason was because I planned to divide my guests into groups,
so I was like trying to make my guests seated conveniently near to one another before the start of the party.

In the midst of planning, I had also sent out party details as reminder to my guests,
and asked for acknowledgment email from each of them to ensure everyone had the party details like,
theme colour, venue, date, time and my contact number (incase they lost their way).

Once I was sure about when I wanted in my party,
the first and most important thing I need to prepare was my presentation slides!

Took me one whole day to prepare!
I had to read up the information and ensure what I typed was accurate!

Here’s an overall screen shot of my whole presentation slides.
All slides were all prepared by myself!

I didn’t just prepare slides and that’s it..
As I went along typing out, doing the slides,
I also typed some notes below each slide to remind myself the important points which
I needed to share with my guests.

I had to ensure that my notes were accurate too!

I spent the one day going through my slides,
planning how I should demonstrate the Aqualabel products to my guests~

Of course during the actual day, I wouldn’t be reading directly from the notes!

Another reason was that I needed to ensure the presentation flow would be smooth and within my scheduled timing.

Hence, notes and rehearsal were necessary for me.

What else?

I actually added a GIF photo of myself into my first slide.

This GIF photo was meant to be inserted into the video challenge back in the previous stage in this challenge. But due to time limitation, I had to exclude the GIF photo.

So inorder not to waste this "idea",
I thought it’s rather interesting to add this GIF photo into my first slide to be shown on the screen while waiting for guests to arrive.

Unable to upload the GIF photo here, but here are 2 screen shots showing the "photo motion".

1st motion:

2nd motion:

the two "motions" would just alternate in one slide!

Below slide shows my program for that evening,

I basically gave my guests a thorough introduction to the Full Whitening Range of Aqualabel.
What I’d planned was, as I went through each product, my guests would get to try the individual products on the spot, to let them have a feel of the products texture and results.

It was a step by step flow to ensure they had tried out the whole skincare regime
using Aqualabel Products correctly.

One of the products was the Reset White Mask and I included a video in one of the slides
to share with my guests the massage tip after masking.

After preparing the presentation slides, 
next was a mini competition!

To make my party fun, I had specially prepared a mini competition for my guests.

A complete party should have games and prizes right!

To make my party more exciting, prizes were a must!

All prizes were fully sponsored by my own pocket and definitely belong to the Brand, Shiseido.

Prizes were mainly for the Winners who completed the puzzle at the fastest time and the "Best-Dressed Babe" at the party.

Following the competition slide, was the Thanks You slide!

I came up with a "Thank You" slide in a few languages, with the help of Google!

After finishing with my presentation slides,
I was like more than 50% done,
it was time for me to start with my party theme decorations!

Few days before my party, I went for a manicure, specially to paint blue!

Did some shopping!

Shopping for my party decor, DIY guestbook, gifts, memo and DIY party theme!

See what I’ve DIY-ed!

Inorder to let my guests felt my sincere in meeting them and
welcoming them to my party, I prepared a written message for each one of them.

And a rose attach to my "letter" to each guest!

Why rose?

Well, there’s rose scent in Aqualabel products if you don’t know about it!

A guestbook for my guests to write me something while waiting for the rest to arrive.

What I did was, I DIY-ed an individual card for them to write me a message ending with their names.

I’ve also prepared some decorating materials likes cute tapes and stickers for them to decor the guestbook!

At least there’s something memorable for me to keep!
At the sametime to keep my guests occupied while waiting for the rest to arrive.

Check out what my guests had wrote for my in my guestbook!
In random order ya!
I really love all the cards, so pretty!

A few used to rose which I’d given them to decorate the guestbook!

That’s not all! Jade had took the extra effort to design the back of the guestbook card!

Gonna bind all the card to look like a guestbook for the party!

What’s a party without a theme?

I came up with a theme – "Something Blue"

Suggested to my guests to wear anything that’s in Blue to my party,
and most did!

DIY-ed my theme banner with some flowers…

With my DIY guestbook, decor, banner, game puzzle and prizes,
I was almost ready!

Packing all the things neatly into a box, convenient to bring to the party!

What Happened At The Party

Party was held at Shiseido office, in one their workshop room.

The moment I arrived, the first thing I did was to paste my banner on the workshop room’s door!

Super proud of my "artwork piece" !

I then unpacked my stuff from my box, getting myself ready before the arrival of my guests.

I placed my DIY-ed guestbook cards onto each seat, placed the decorating stickers, tapes,
scissors, coloured pens on the tables for them to use while waiting.

At the sametime,
Stella helped to prepare the food and
Claire helped me to usher the guests into the workshop room.

Doorgifts for all my guests!
Sponsored by Aqualabel!

Party was held at Shiseido office, in one their workshop rooms.
Feeling "Egg-cited" and nervous ya!

One by one my guests started to arrive.
I was supposed to give each of them an entry chop but the "plan" didn’t work
because before I could stamp the "smiley face" on their hand, they had already entered the room!

Most came on time!
Really appreciate their effort!

The moment they entered the room,
we introduced ourselves to one another, haha, so shy!

Most of them were my faithful blog readers and it was our "first date"!

I then let them choose a rose which I had prepared for everyone.

Then asked them to paste their "Name Tag" onto their tops or arms.
This was to let them know everyone’s names, familarised with one another,
before indulging the competition which required them to form a team!

I also passed them my special memo to each of them!

Let’s get the party started!

The party started!

Me, walking near my guests, demonstrating the correct method to place the
Reset White Mask on the face.

The S-shaped cut!

After bringing my guests through the journey of "Something Blue",
it’s competition time!

Puzzle Making Time!

The moment I told them, "the fastest group to complete the puzzle wins",
my guests became "fast and furious" clearing the table to "make way" for the puzzle!

Seemed to me my readers got along with one another pretty fast!

The active team!

The attentive team!

The BFF team!

The hard-at-work team!

They sure looked happy!

Some "work done" in all the teams!

Due to some hiccups, there was a change in the number of guests per group.
And it so happened that my winning group consists of 4 lovely babes.
Initially what I’d planned was 3 babes in a team, hence only 3 prizes were prepared for the puzzle winning team.
I should have brought extra prizes! sigh!
Anyway, my guests were very accommodating and agreed to have the 4th prize which was
meant for the "Best-Dressed" babe to be given to the puzzle winning team,
while I’d give the "Best-Dressed" babe another prize on another time.

my 4 prizes to the 4 of them!

Here’s the winning team!

Another photo, extracted from Zaleha’s facebook!

As for the Best-Dressed prize, I hereby announced this award goes to


She was wearing a blue dress with cute polka dots printed on.

Here’s the prize which I’ve prepared for the "Best-Dressed" babe!

I hereby also will like to express my appreciation to all the other guests who were also very spontaneous in wearing blue to my party!


Meanwhile, do continue to give me your support by
spamming me with your comments,
blog entries on this private party,
feel free to tag me and Aqualabel,
share your experience with the rest of the babes!

Two best comments in this blog entry get to walk away with 3-piece trial kit from Aqualabel Whitening Line!

And finally, as what I’ve promised,
if I managed to win my trip to Japan,
I’ll sure to bring all my guests a present each from Japan!

Keeping my fingers tightly crossed to win the trip to Japan!


32 thoughts on “Aqualabel | My Own Private Party | Something Blue….

  1. wah! its not easy planning a party and i think no matter what the result is, u are already a winner to me πŸ™‚
    great job babe!
    and i like the blue dress u wearing…pretty babe πŸ™‚

  2. Wow your party looks amazing. πŸ™‚ Well done for all your efforts & thoughts put in making it a success. It’s a pity i couldn’t attend though. But no matter what, your efforts will definitely pay off. Jiayou πŸ˜€

      • Wow!
        although I was not present at the workshop, seeing all the preparation work done, I know you have put in a whole loads of effort; chop, DIY cards, games, prizes, slides… I m sure your guests must have enjoyed themselves n picked up useful tips.. ξ€Ž
        Results should be out very soon in these few days, I hereby wish you all the very best, hope u will be one of the lucky 3 to fly to Japan!
        All the best to you my dear friend!

      • Re: Wow!
        Sharon! my online BFF! ^.^
        Thanks for dropping by my blog!
        ya, results will be out tml night i think…
        I am now dreaming what I will do if I win…. haha!
        Thanks! =D

      • love the party
        tiphanie, thank you for having me at the party, your attention to details is really endearing and you show great pottention and effort in the workshop. I wish you success πŸ™‚ There’s never a dull moment at the workshop thanks to all the stickers and games you are having for us. You can also answer every question asked by other participant very well. and best of all it was a fun party ^_^

      • Re: love the party
        Thanks Carnellin!
        I quite like the stickers myself!
        Too bad due to limited time given to prepare, I was unable to give you all a perfect one! My ideal one was with blue roses, balloons, party stuff… oh well!
        Glad that you’ve enjoyed!
        Congrats to u too, you won the “Best Dressed Babe” Award!
        Hope you like the lippie!

  3. Your party is great
    Like I mentioned, I have been reading your blog for a few months. I am always lazy to register livejournal and I dun want to show my fb here. So I register a livejournal account for your sake. Touched right? Wahaha…
    I did not regret attending it, it was really very fun. Your slides is really very informative. I can see your effort in putting your points to the slides. In addition, the party is not only about the AQL product, after the party she still have a puzzle for us, even though it is really a bit difficult. You are also very kind to prepare waffle for us.
    No matter what, do jia you!!~

    • Re: Your party is great
      gosh, i must say you’re one of my big supporter through this challenge!
      yea, deeply touched!
      Just to clarify, the waffle and doorgifts were sponsored by AQL. =)
      The rest, all sponsored by my small wallet. kekekkekeke!
      Thanks for ur comment!

  4. I had fun at the party!I went there alone and went home with new friends.
    I am suprised at how well we got along.The prizes were lovely.I can’t wait to use it!
    I love how your blog entry potrays all the hard work and effort you have put in to make this party a success!
    I wish you all the best,Tiffy! =D

  5. Tiffy
    Dear Tiffy
    Really really sorry that I didn’t manage to turn up for your party. I feel quite bad about it even now, seeing that you have put in so much effort. I felt worse when you mentioned that your other two seats are not filled. Please forgive me.
    You know, I even intended to wear my new BLUE dress to your party and it’s sitting pretty in my closet still. I would have won the best-dressed :p Putting jokes aside, you are really generous to have prepared additional giveaways for the prizes segment.
    This is really a wonderful party that you’ve hosted.

    • Re: Tiffy
      Rachel: it’s perfectly okie dearie!
      you’ve been voting for me throughout the challenge, and i am appreciated for supporting me!
      you’re not at fault ya, you’ve informed me few days early and i actually gave your slot to another babe. no worries!
      hmm.. you should post your BLUE dress in FB for me to see!!

  6. Great Job & Well Done!!
    I am so glad that I was invited to your private party although we merely know each other.
    I am impressed that you actually took the effort to know the ingredients and their advantages of having those in the products.. I must really say “WELL DONE BABE!”
    You demonstrated the products very well and most importantly I didn’t know it is available in Watson till you mentioned at the party. This is so convenient. Guess what I went to purchase it the very next day.Haa..
    Your interaction with the group are good. You ensured all your participants has your attention so as not to left out anyone of us. Make us feel at ease cos we participants too are shy type *blush*
    It must be a painful and dragging process from understanding the products, preparation for the slides, rehearsal for your presentation and Kan Cheong whether all your participants will be there on the day itself..
    BUT your effort are well paid off whether you get to win or not cos you always have our support and trust in you!!
    Of cos we do hope you stand a chance to win so that all of us have a special gift from Japan..hahaha..

    • Re: Great Job & Well Done!!
      Hellooooo Irene!
      It was our “first date”!
      I learnt something from u too! I didn’t know Guardian has the good quality cotton pads till you told me! ^.^
      Glad u felt at ease at the party, I was feeling “not at ease” at the beginning! haha!
      yah, do look forward to your special present from me!
      Even if i fail to go Japan, i’m going TW or BKK! =D
      Can start prepare your shopping list liao! hahahahha!

  7. Impressive
    It’s a pity I missed your party! I can tell that you put in a lot of effort to make it interesting and different from the rest, especially on the games, dress code, your own little gifts of appreciation for your readers, etc. I am truly impressed! These small lil things really show how meticulous and well-prepared you were, and I bet Aqua Label needs a winner like that πŸ™‚

    • Re: Impressive
      Awww.. thanks for the kinds words and comment for me!
      i am quite proud of my puzzle because it’s DIY-ed, haha! but I have cut into too many small pcs, my guests had a hard time to complete it! haha!
      Hope AQL will choose me! thanks ya!

  8. Hey Tiphanie!!!!!!
    I hope I was not late to leave u a comment. Was soo busy with my life lately.
    OMG!! I didn’t noe you planned so well for your event. Seriously I’m so glad you have given me a chance to attend this event. It’s my first beauty event I’ve attended ever since I stepped myself in Spore. I did took a while in using google map to arrive at Shiseido office as me and my frend were both unfamiliar with the places here. That’s y both of us were late though :p I’m also glad that I meet awesome bloggers there including you yourself. ^_^
    I can see the hard effort you put on this event, that’s why I never hesitate to try out the product itself although some bumps do came out the next day. Overall, you did a good job!!
    One event = new knowledge + new friends!! πŸ™‚
    Good Luck dear~~
    Love, Cynthia

    • omg!! i’m so touched to be your first beauty event which u attended!
      Thank u for making the effort down ya, especially not easy for u to find the location. =) Both of you and were not very late, at least u came!
      omg, i hope the bumps didn’t get worsen… some of the products do contain alcohol… thanks for ur “sacrifice”, and yep, ur spontaneous in trying out the mask on the spot do gain me some points!
      Thanks! =D

  9. Babe!
    I enjoyed myself fully at the party! It was our first time meeting (finally!) and I Learnt new stuffs about my current favourite skin product. and I gotta say thanks to you! Because even b4 this party, u are always there to help me whenever I have queries about Aqualabel products.
    Also, instead of just giving a presentation, you made sure your guests are all comfortable with each other, preparing little gifts, having dress code. I think you are very dedicated to this whole competition!
    Therefore, I really hope u will win this competition. No matter what the results might be tomorrow morning, I will you ALL THE BEST!
    Grace πŸ™‚

  10. OMG!!!~ I’m amazed at how much time you have to make all these things!! (I am amazed cos I have pratically no time besides working, and go out on my very limited number of off days.. hahahx~)
    You’re so hardworking! And I see you have fun!!! =D
    Ganbatte ne!

  11. Results going to release today
    Should I be spamming here… Feel so excited now even though I am not participating… If you really win can ask a small flavor from you then… Wahaha…

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