Had A Sweaty Fun Day With Laurier Sisters!!

Got up pretty early on a sat morning to reach the competition venue.

Carnellin and I had took part in the "Are You A Shooting Star" by Laurier.

I didn’t realized I’d be competing with 61 teams till I saw the "Empty Walls".
These walls were for us to paste our photos on!

Photos would be judged and graded based on "fastest time to complete all 8 tasks correctly" and
the creativity in how each team took the photos!

Inside the survival kit:

Lotsa goodies!
Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets
to remove make up for face and eyes!
Biore latest launched sunblock lotion SPF 50!

Biore Body Powder Sheets (I got the pink fragrance)!
Emvergency Poncho!
Bottle of water!
Vouchers from many spa treats!

Carnellin and I did not fight over the camera of course.
She came up with a good suggestion, toss a coin to decide who brings home the camera,
the one who brings home will pay the other party half the price of the camera.
I chose Flower while she tossed the coin.
And yep, outcome was a flower.

Through the few hours, Carnellin and I were running like mad around Orchard Rd!

We dashed across a few roads, rushed in and out fitting rooms, dept stores.

The most embarrassing part was we had to stare at many guys, looking for one with two dimples!

Another one, I had to strip off right at one corner at a boutique to change to the leopard print top.
There was only one fitting room that time and someone was inside I believed.
No time to think and I just strip my top at their stocks corner! LOL

One big mistake we made was, instead of charging to the counter to inform
the officials we were done for them to register the completed time,
Carnellin and I went to pin our photos!
A few minutes were wasted! =(

Nevertheless, we still won one of the 10 consolation prizes among the 61 participating teams!
Well done, Team #14 !

What’s my 8 tasks?
They may sound easy, but seriously, it’s really not easy!
We had to hunt hunt hunt !

Here’s the zoom-in of our 8 tasks photos!

Sephora is a boo boo! big makeup store yet there is not a single black lipstick!!

This was when I had to strip off my top to change into this leopard print shawl (transformed into a top)
at the fastest timing I could have!

So embarrassing to keep starring at men and teens!

Thanks to Carnellin for inviting me to be her team mate!
I had great fun with her!

Thanks to Laurier for organising such a fantastic fun day out with 100 over girlies!

To view more photos taken during this event,
Do checkout
Laurier Facebook!
Do leave a comment here if you’ve joined their fan page after reading this blog entry ya!


6 thoughts on “Had A Sweaty Fun Day With Laurier Sisters!!

    • managed to find a black lipstick from Anna Sui counter!
      luckily it was easy to wipe off with wet wipes.
      more swipes.
      but damn difficult to apply nicely, in the end my lips look like burnt sausages! LOL

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