A couple of goodies/redemptions from CozyCot Ninkio Store

First of all, I managed to be sponsored with this highly popular hair colour, Orange Apricot, from Liese!

Previously I was given the Glossy Brown to try. It’s fantastic and easy to use.
Review is here and here.

Sample Redemption from Ninkio Store!

I also managed to be picked for another sponsorship by Dejavu to own this mini eyeliner!

I’ve been using the full-sized for quite sometime,
am satisfied with the smudge proof property!
I use it specially for my bottom eyeline, it’s long-lasting!

I’ve gotten the full-sized sometime ago.
Review is here.

I thought the mini one is uber cute and decided to try my luck to own it!

More free redemptions from Ninkio Store!
I was lucky to be one of the first 50 (i think it’s 50) to be able to redeem the travel-sized Ceramide Plump Perfect from Elizabeth Arden!



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