Beauty Products Never Fail To Make Me Smile!

Few weeks ago, received sponsored products from LUSH!
I remembered that day I was feeling moody (forgot why though).
But when I came home with a BOX waiting for me on the table,
I got excited!

From the box exterior, I saw it’s from LUSH.
I was expecting a box of masks but to my surprise

I was surprised by the stuff inside the box!

There was a card (looks handmade), specially for me!

The card was very exquisite looking, and I felt like a princess!

LUSH took one of my photos in Facebook and had it framed inside the card!

Inside the box, 4 products in total.
LUS (Love Ur (Your) Skin) has launched in Sg, I’m sponsored one body glove from the S-Line, face mask from the V-Line, BB cream in princessy packaging, and a pack of 3 mini mask tubs!
Had tried them all for the past one week!

Reviews will be posted up soon!

More than a month ago, I won myself at L’Official a 4 piece trial kit from Lancome!
It’s almost like a step basic steps in skincare regimen.
Comes in travel sized bottles/tubes, just like those GWP at Lancome counters.

Not going to use them yet, keeping them for my holiday trip!

And just yesterday, I recevied courier service from The Sample Store.
I signed up myself to be one of the 100 selected bloggers to do a review on Essential Haircare.
it’s not just about signing up and review, but it’s also a mini competition.
Best blogged entry gets to win a hamper.
Best photo with the highest number of LIKES in facebook gets to win hamper too!
And Voters who vote for their favourite blogger’s photos stand a change to win prizes too!
Though I may not be one of the winners, I am just so thankful to be selected as one of the 100 bloggers to do this review.

Tea Tree range from TheBodyShop!
Can’t wait to try them out!

Meanwhile, I am now busy in preparing for my coming up Aqualabel Party.
My party date is next wed which is like in one week’s time!
Gosh, I feel so lack of time especially I am working during the day!


11 thoughts on “Beauty Products Never Fail To Make Me Smile!

  1. I didn’t take part in the Essential Haircare.. cos i remember trying one of the range(think is the pink one).. it was too rich for my hair!
    Can wait to read about your thoughts and seeing more pretty pics! πŸ˜›

    • babe!
      tell u what!
      if u don’t mind, send a private message to me with your home address, i may give a surprise one day!
      afterall, you’ve been a regular reader of my blog and i really appreciate that! =D

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