[Review] Skin Inc – Revitalise Placenta, Optimiser

I have just completed my 7-day trial with Skin Inc’s
Revitalise Placenta and one of their invented equipment, Optimiser.

There are many types of serum in Skin Inc. It all depends on what your skin type needs.
You can even have a concoction of more than 1 type of serum to target all of your skincare problems.

In my review here, I’ve only chosen one serum from the Encapsulated Serum range.

Revitalize Placenta Serum

Different colours are used to differentiate its purposes on target skin problems.
For Placenta, it’s purple!

Why I choose Placenta?

Well, that’s because I’ve got dull skin, pigmentation, freckles and uneven skin tone. Sigh!

I am told that Placenta is a kind of plant-based extract and helps to prevent pigmentation by slowing the production of melanin.
At the sametime, it also helps to even out skin tone, giving the skin some nice radiance.

Placenta is nothing new in beauty products, but what makes Skin Inc’s so different from the others?

Keyword: Active Ingredient

Beauty products in cream or gel-like texture may said to have Placenta formulated,
most of the times, the extracts are “processed” or being broken up into many compounds, i.e. the ingredient is no longer 100% pure.

In this serum, Placenta is the active ingredient (light purple pearls) which is
almost “freshly extracted” (pardon my poor Vocab) from plants. It’s pure!
Hence the word Active Ingredient!

Texture is watery, and I really watery, even though it may looks gel to you!
It’s non sticky and not easily absorbed.
I have to massage for quite awhile followed by patting all over my face.
It doesn’t come with any nice scent, smells like mineral water to me.

For better results, it’s good to exfoliate the skin before serum application.

Skin Inc recommends their Pure Revival Peel.

I’ve tried it on my hand, not bad and I could see instant brightening results!
But then it’s all about exfoliation, you can use your current scrub too!

Low Frequency Optimiser

Seen this before? it’s an Optimiser which uses Low Frequency (LF)
to help the skin to absorb the serum and moisturizer better by,
making use of the LF to penetrate the ingredients of the products deeper into the skin layers.

It comes with light.
The full sized Optimiser comes with 3 colours of light.
They are specially targeted for different uses too.

The one I am using is a mini one. mini as in it comes in one colour light.

Out of the 3 colours, I use Pure Green.Pure Green is just the right one for me.
It’s because it’s for dull skin!! So coincidence right?
Placenta and Pure Green are like customized just right for my problematic skin.Not only that, it’s definitely suitable to be used near the eyes.
There’s no heat or much vibration emitted, so no worries.
For me, I’ve studied Frequency before, LF is definitely safe for our face and eyes.

But this is definitely not the end ya.

Inorder to use the optimiser, there must be some lubricant.
Skin Inc recommends me Okinawa Deepsea Hydra Mask.

I love this and definitely going to get it once my current masks finish!

Here’s the texture of the mask.
Thick gel-like, just like sleeping mask.
Gota use spatula to scoop it!

With this being applied generously on the face, you can then use the Opitmiser to glide all over your face with no friction.

But like I said, other than the ingredients goodness,
it’s a mask, therefore i recommend get it only if you’ve got ZERO stock!

For me, I use this Hydrating B5 Mask from Skin Ceuticals!

It’s very hydrating and cooling for me! Sometimes I use it while massaging my face.

After using the above products for a week, my skin does look brightened up but somehow the results are like on and off for me, prolly because of my irregular sleeping hours.

But I enjoyed the experience, it’s like a DIY spa for myself!


10 thoughts on “[Review] Skin Inc – Revitalise Placenta, Optimiser

    • it is an active ingredient which is in original state. active ingredients are also inside most of our skincare products, just that they have been “processed” but in this bottle, it’s like “raw”. =D

      • yah, the full sized one costs SGD788 if i remember correctly.
        they are not selling the ones which come in single coloured-light.
        anyway, the maximum recommended duration for each time usage is 10mins, once a day. the 10minutes is really long! my hand felt tired after 5 minutes. -.-“

      • woahz!
        You think so highly of me and my beauty knowledge!! haha!
        with sunscreen? hmm.. i wonder if clinique one has got sunscreen..
        not common to find men’s moisturizer with sunscreen…
        else can try Vichy which is unisex. their moisturizers are not oily and suitable for guys with oily skin because it’s easily absorbed and gives a matty feel after that.
        can try the testers (or ask for samples if there is any) at guardian outlets. usually there are promoters. =D

      • Moisturiser for men with sunscreen.
        SKINC has Pure UV Protect+… Their products are good for both men & women… Pure UV Protect is a sunscreen protector which acts as a moisturiser & works wonders like a very light bb cream as well. It looks super natural! Highly recommended!

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