It’s Time To Go With Pouty Lips!

You’ll going to fall in love with this coming collection of lippies from Za!

Makeup & Fashion are inseparable!
Whatever outfit we have, we will think of the makeover to go along with and vice versa.

"Plumper Lips is a collection of lipsticks & lipglosses for plump, moisturized lips with a brilliant pout!"

Black is always a classic colour and never goes wrong no matter how we mix and match.
Don’t think black is just a plain dark colour,
there are different types of outfit in black to bring out an unique charisma from yourself.
We can have plain black, charcoal black,
lacy black, sheer chiffon black, black pants in PVC material etc.
Black gives an edgy rock chic ‘feel’, depends on how you wear it.

The Rock Chic theme explains why chains are used as decor items with the lippies!

For a makeup to go with black outfit, smokey eyemakeup can be boring.
How about having a nude makeup, with minimum eye colours, focus on your lips?

And when we talk about lippies application,
we can have 2-toned lips,
no more boring single-coloured lips!

Here’s why Plumper Lips is coming to us!

A research done by Za in Japan, plump-up 3D lips are the most popular among the young adults,
thin lips are the least popular.

In Za cosmetics, Za doesn’t just talk about looking pretty.
Za ensures that you’ll enjoy the goodness and care when using their cosmetics!
In this collection, both the lipgloss and lipstick provide you with the necessary care that you need.
Hate those crack lines on your lips? *wink*
Za helps! =D

With the above formulation, we can expect our lips to be moisturized and plumped up,
with smooth lip surface, resulting healthy lip!

I am told these lipglosses from this collection are supposed to help in ‘Color Correction’ on our lips!
See the more defined lips?

Pardon my lousy swatches, am a noob when doing swatches.

Here I am to share with you a preview I have on these new loves for our lips!

Let’s start with lipstick!
Comes in 9 sweety shades!

Sassyd0ll’s top picks are shade 06 & 07!

When I first saw the lipstick, I found the silver metallic packaging pretty!
The repeated "Za" carvings make the overall packaging look so exquisite!
In terms of the colour variety, it’s pretty wide, I had a hard time choosing my favourites!
Easily glided and did give a light shimmering on my skin during my swatch.


Here’s the lipgloss!
Comes in 6 girlie shades!

Sassyd0ll’s top picks are shade 09 & 10!

The first thought which came to my mind while swatching the Lipgloss was,
it’s not as sticky as the usual lipgloss which I’ve gotten! =O
Not only that, I love the shine to the max!
It’s going to keep our lips looking sexy all the time!

Here’s what Za suggested to go along with the lippies!

Here’s my pinky (horrible?) hand after swatching! LMAO
Told you I’m a noob when doing swatch!

Thanks to Za team, I left the preview with my favourite lipsticks and lipglosses!

And that’s the cute paperbag I was lemming earlier during Agneselle workshop!

Once again, I’m a happy girl!

Both lipstick and lipgloss are highly shined!
Definitely able to create a 3D look!
The plump-up pearls is able to reflect light away from lips to minimize the appearance of fine lines!
Price-wise, you’re going to drop your jaws!
When I first heard the price of the lipgloss, that’s it for my wallet!

Lipgloss: SGD9.90 [Unbelievable eh?]
Lipstick: SGD13.90 [So affordable!]

Za is pretty thoughtful and will be launching special promotion on their eye makeup items for you to play around, or go along with this Plumper Lips Collection!
Keep a lookout for it ya!

Plumper Lips Collection to be launched in October 2010.
Time to head down to your nearest Watsons Store!


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